Hydrangeas (2023.05.23)




Everyone, it’s been a while


The one in charge for today’s blog
is Ishimori Rika ☺︎



You did your best for 10 days〜
Lately, the hot and cold days have been saying hello one after the other, and it’s been tiring
The hot weather alone drains my energy,, (т т)




Everyday, everyone
You’re amazing〜!
You’re doing your best〜!










A while ago

I was on the train, but
I was zoning out
It all happened so fast
I thought
“Hmm? The stop time is long”
I was at the station where I should get off
If I had noticed it even a little too late
I would have been left swaying on the clickety clackety train
Oh noー.



It was just a small, uneventful incident.
Someone wrote to me in a letter that they wanted to hear about Rika-chan’s daily life, so here it is〜!



Oh, and
I found some hydrangeas while strolling recently
It feels like the rainy season, doesn’t it?

It’s just a small trivia, but
It seems like hydrangeas have poisonous leaves
“Every rose has its thorns”
It applies not just to  roses but to hydrangeas as well☺︎











I watched the graduation concert
of Nogizaka46’s Saito Asuka.


Pyaー, I was so moved,
I cried the whooole time,


I love “Senpuuki”
When I first heard it
My heart was pierced by the intro
I fell in love




I felt many things,
I, too, from now on
would like to spend my idol life
with care.

Together with all of you☺︎











During the Fukuoka concert!








Yuzu and I spend a lot of time together.
We talk about serious things as much as we talk about trivial things
She is really important to me!

Yuzu was also the first 3rd gen member that I played together with〜



When the documentary about the 3rd generation was released
I was talking with Yuzu about how we were not shown together at all,
I think it was in the preview?
When we were all standing in a line
I was looking at Yuzu and smiling at her for a moment,
“We’re only shown together here! LOL!”
We were both talking about it! LOL

It’s only for a moment, but
If you want, please look for it〜☺︎





And, oh yeah, the other day,
Yuzu and I were talking alone the other day
about our feelings for each other
We both laughed and said,
“Eh, we’re too lovey-dovey LOL” LOL

I was so happy~










Today was the first day of the Kanagawa leg of the 3rd TOUR 2023,,!


We will put all our energy into it and do our best so
We look forward to working with you in the second half of the tour.
We will do our bestー.




And today
it was revealed that
Sakurazaka46’s 6th Single “Start over!”
will be released on June 28th! ☺︎


Meet and greet applications will begin tomorrow!
We, the 3rd generation, will also be participating


I’m super happy 〜〜!

The meet and greet I’ve been waiting for〜〜!



Finally we can talk again!
Meet and greets are my favorite part of work
It gives me a lot of power


I’ll be waiting for you, so please comeー!







That’s it for today’s blog!

See you in 10 days!

That was






Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn
I’m looking forward to it〜🧸




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