I can’t believe summer is going to end like this (2022.08.02)

I can’t believe summer is going to end like this


No, no, it can’t be!


Is what I thought



I have to make summer memories with all of the Buddies!





The decision to reschedule “W-KEYAKI FES. 2022”
was all thanks to the warm support of all the Buddies*

Thank you very much!


To those who were looking forward to July 22 and 24,
Sorry we couldn’t return the favor…



Thank you for your patience
Let’s make the best summer memories again on August 19 and 20 🌻










And now I changed my penlight colors to


Violet x Violet!


③ Emerald Green x Violet
I’ve been very happy with what you’ve delivered to me so far with these two colors!

I’m sorry to change them…
but I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite of the penlight colors.

Paying more attention, I want to see a lot!



I’d be very happy if you could shine them for me~*.
Thank you for your support 🔮










The September issue of “Monthly Basketball” is on sale now!
I was featured in the “Idol x Basketball” corner 🏀


I was moved with each high school’s “team motto”!


Please check it out







Koike Minami-san is in charge of
“TOONGATE”, a reality show about the creation of vertical scrolling manga.


I narrated #9 and #10


I’ve always dreamed of narrating something someday.
This was a very valuable experience for me!



You can watch the archives on YouTube.
Please check it out! 







I’ve started wearing the new uniform since last week’s broadcast 🐰


I’ll only talk about it here, but
I’m always worried about what to choose for my hair… I’ll be waiting for your letters that have a request 💌

Tomorrow, August 3 (Wednesday)
“Love it!” from 8:00 Please take a look.




🥨Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 3, from 22:00
I will appear with on “Rekomen” with Tamura Hono!

We’d be happy if you listen



And finally, our 1st album “As you know?”
will be released tomorrow!


Have you seen the music video for “Masatsukeisuu” yet?

During “Nobiraji” with Moriya Rena, we were told by the Buddies that it had passed 2 million views…

I was so happy! Thank you very much!



In this album,
I hope that everyone can find a song that they like…



Personally, I love the unit song of Inoue, Tamura, and myself,
“Zutto Haru Dattara naa”



It’s a soft, distant, dazzling song!
When we completed it, the three of us replayed it endlessly.



I’m waiting to hear what you all think of it*
I’m excited








Thank you very much for last time’s national meet and greet*


And thank you to everyone who applied for this album’s meet and greet!!


Not just for the meet and greet, but I’m thankful every day 🫶


Let’s enjoy our one-on-one time~!





See you ーー✴︎


Ozono Rei



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