I wish it was spring all the time (2023.06.20)




I wish it was spring all the time (2023.06.20)





Thank you so much for

Sakurazaka46 All night Nippon X!



It was really so much fun~!! ☺️





Thank you so much for
sending me flowers too 💐



It would be nice if we could do it again…









CDTV Live!  Live!

“Start over!”
We had the opportunity to perform it on TV for the first time 🦕



How was it…?



The release of the 6th single is
finally approaching next week🗓



From here onward
let’s start to get fired up ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ












I can also feel the enthusiasm from the Buddies~~



I’m happy

Thank you, thank you






Here’s some announcements~~



🗓On Wednesday June 21st, starting at 0:00

The advanced streaming of the
title song “Start Over!” will begin!

LINE MUSIC is also
holding a present campaign,
so please check it out by all means 🎧‪‪☺︎




🗓On Friday June 23rd, from 24:59
“Buzz Rhythm 02”

I personally like the Buzz Rhythm camera work
because each time it’s so unique,
so I’m secretly looking forward to it 🙊



🗓On Wednesday June 28th, starting at 17:30
“TV Tokyo Music Festival 2023 Summer”

We will be performing on the
same day that the 6th single releases!
I’m happy 🙇🏻‍♀️ looking forward to your support.



🗓Out on sale on Friday June 30th
“Seventeen Summer Edition”

I will be featured in an article
together with Karin-chan and Hii-chan.

It was a very cute and summer-like photo shooting 🏖



🗓Releasing on July

The release of Sakurazaka46’s
smartphone game “Sakukoi”
has been decided~! 🤳


The advanced registration has also started!

There’s a lot about it in SNS as well,
so if you’d like, please check it out ☄️



🗓 On Sunday July 2nd, from 22:00
“Ariyoshi eeeee!”

We played GANG BEASTS 🎮
it got really exciting~.
Please look forward to it~!



🗓 On Saturday July 15th


Sakurazaka46 will have the first overseas live performance
in Paris, France!

I will do my best so that
as many people as possible can
become interested in Sakurazaka46…! (>_<)

I’m extremely nervous but…let’s FIGHT~ 💪🏻🔥




In Youtube’s “Sakurazaka Channel”🌸

After finishing the tour final,
we published a video of how was
our celebration party in Osaka~! 🐙


After the concert,
everyone is a bit more excited than usual~~


Please watch it by all means!




Our 6th single “Start over!”
will be released on Wednesday June 28th 🥁
The trailer of TYPE-A and B’s bonus footage
has been published!


At the end of last year, the Buddies Thanksgiving Party was held
during the group’s birthday🌸

Somehow, it’s a bit nostalgic already (т-т)

It was a moment filled with smiles from both the
Buddies and the members, it was so much fun.

I’m very happy that
the precious memories of that time
will remain in this manner.




Web radio “Sakumimi vol 266”


I was together with Marina-chan!
We read lots of letters
from the Buddies 📮

I laughed~.


Please listen to it!




Also, I published several other announcements
in the previous blog before the last one,
so please check them all out together 🫡



I will be sharing offshoot photos too at some other time~!




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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