If we have something in common, it makes you want to talk (2021.09.08)



If we have something in common,


It makes you want to talk





It makes you want to meet







The movie starring Ito Marika-san,


It’s A Summer Film!


I watched it🌻




Hadashi, the girl, and Rintaro, the boy, who have something in common:
They both like historical drama and movies.


Every time their eyes meet
I can smell the scent of the youth of a few years ago in my heart


I became envious of high school students






This movie reminds me of the time I talked a lot

with someone who became my friend because we started talking about Sakamichi when I was a high school student



Me too, we too,


(Have something) in common with someone




On SNS, people that we meet, connection (with human beings)~~





The connection that was created by Sakurazaka somewhere

May it last forever✴︎







3rd single individual artist photo has been updated✨

I like the stylish ribbon



The common coupling song centered by Hikaru-chan

「Dead end」

It was revealed at Kochi Hoshi✴︎



I just want you to like the 3rd single









Ozono Rei



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