Rekomen! (2021.09.07)

Good evening 🌙

I will be leaving the position of Rekomen! Monday’s double personality at the end of September.

I have announced it in the show last night
Thank you very much to everyone who listened
until late night!

I have been ‘Rekomen!’s double personality
since 2017, for a four years and a half.

To everyone who listened every week,
To everyone who listened before, even once,
Truly, thank you very much ✨

I have a lot of memories with Rekomen listeners☺️

The mail you sent to us are so interesting, it encouraged me!

I was able to read it
as much as I could, mail by mail ✉️

I am greatly indebted to
Rekomen staff, Otenki Nori-san included,
I cannot thank them enough!

I just entered this world 4 years ago
I didn’t know anything.

Nori-san, with whom I can talk anything about and always making me laugh,
is like an older brother I can rely on, it was very reassuring.

Even when I feel anxious amidst the bustling days,
When I go to Nippon Cultural Broadcasting,
the staff always welcome me with the usual warm atmosphere,
so I was able to go home with a smile on my face.

They made various corner,
They gave me the nickname “Yukanosuke”,
I was able to enjoy a fun time filled with much love,
it was dream-like!

When I realize, I would spend nearly everyday
while thinking about “What should I talk about in Rekomen next week?”.

Now that I’m leaving,
The many memories that I can’t all write here come back to mind
I feel like crying…

But more than feeling sad,
I am more grateful that I am able to continue to do this for four and half years✨

I hope that the other members
could experience such a wonderful place as well!

By taking advantage of this valuable experience,
In order to be able to take the next step
both as a Sakurazaka (member) and as an individual,
I’d like to continue to challenge many more things!

I’d be happy if you could still continue to support me☺︎

Due to my lack of skills, I think that as double personality there were parts that were difficult to listen to
But truly, thank you very much
for spending your precious time on Monday night
with me on Rekomen!.

I’d be happy if Monday’s Rekomen
could be the reason you start your week on a positive note, no matter how small 😌

From yesterday to tomorrow,
“Ganbariki Matsuri” is being held in Rekomen! 🐴

I am deeply moved to have a festival like this being held at the end!

I will be appearing every day from 11:45PM~ JST
and making my final “Rekomen!” greeting with Katoshi and Mayutan!
By all means, please give it a listen✨

I’d like to do my best to run through with gratitude
until the final broadcast on 27th September (Monday),
so I would appreciate your support☺︎

A memorable picture 🍃

Sugai Yuuka

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