I’m back~ (2021.07.14)

Good evening
Thank you very much to everyone

who came, who watched
W-Keyaki Fes that was held on 9th, 10th, 11th July 😊
It’s like a miracle that we were able to safely hold
our first audience live as Sakurazaka
in this situation.
And then
the third day was a joint live with Hinata-chan 🌳
We rehearsed together,
on the second day I watched Hinata-chan’s solo live,
I received a lot of stimulation.
Sakurazaka and Hinatazaka were born from Keyaki.
I still deeply moved no matter how many times I think about it.
And it turned into a personal topic…
But I am resuming my activities starting from this live.
I’m really grateful to the members and staff who welcomed me warmly.
I’m sorry for causing worry for taking a hiatus…
but now that I am back safely, I hope that you can feel at ease even for just a little bit 😊
I received a lot of power from you
during my break,
so I’ll do my best to slowly repay it from now on!

Rina who contacted me even when I was sleeping 💕

Sarina who is always laughing 🍄

On day three, my ponytail sister Aoi 🎒

Miipan 🍞 Welcome back!
There are still many pictures, so I will send them to mobame!

When my hiatus was announced,

I heard that 6P Cheese-san’s sent a warm message from their official Twitter 🧀
It made me very, very happy. Thank you very much.

I’d like to continue eat a lot [of your product] and gain power ✊🧀
Well then! I’ll update again 🌳

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