INORI BLOG (2021.10.03)



This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.

October has come…

Nowadays, it feels cold in the evening.

“Aa~ autumn has come~,” I told myself so while walking around.

A while ago, Yui (Takemoto Yui) and Marina (Matsuda Rina) said that they feel sad when feel that autumn has come. Somewhat now, I can understand what they meant by it.

Actually I found that to be kind of cute www



I’m featured in TopYellNEO2021AUTUMN, released on September 30th, together with Takemoto!

「DendenDoudo」vs 「Obentou」
(note: in one Sokosaku episode, there was this story about Inori’s bad articulation for Za Zi Zu Ze Zo, to which she fails to say 全然どうぞ (Zenzen Douzo) and ended up becoming DenDenDoudo. I’m not sure what Obentou (packed lunch) is about)

I talked about a lot of things such as my relationship with Takemoto!

It would be great if you can have it with you (please buy it! >_<)





Tomorrow, on October 4th from 7 PM, Sakurazaka46 will be performing in “CDTV Live! Live! 4 Hours Special”, broadcasted on the TBS channel.

For the segment “Odottemita DANCE” (Let’s try to dance along), Koike Minami-san, Saito Fuyuka-san, Endo Hikari, Ozono Rei, Takemoto Yui, Fujiyoshi Karin, Matsuda Rina, Moriya Rena, and Inoue Rina, the 9 of us will dance to YOASOBI-san’s song, “Kaibutsu”!

I’ve never imagined that I’ll be able to participate in this kind of segment. I’m really happy about it.


I got so nervous when I hear that the performance has been decided, but I’ll give my very best.


Please give it a watch!



On the same day, I’ll be showing up in Rekomen! from 10 PM!


It is the first day for the “Sakura Fubuki Matsuri”!
Also, it is the first Rekomen! episode since Matsuda was appointed to be the radio personality!


I’m really looking forward to it.

(note: the new radio segment name “Sakura Fubuki Matsuri” literally means Festival of the Sakura Blizzard, as in having lots of sakura flower petals falling down)

The unit song “On my way”, performed by me and Matsuda, will be aired for the first time.
Both of us really like to sing, and we had a talk that it will be great if we can do something related to it. To have it realized in form of unit song in this 3rd Single is something I’m really thankful for.


I really like Matsuda’s singing voice. I really love hearing her singing right beside me!


Should we have the chance someday, I want to deliver a performance which shows how I really like to sing.


Please give it a listen!

Well then, that’s about it for today.


Thank you for reading up until the end.


Bye~bye 🦒

Inoue Rin

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