Silence is beautiful (2021.10.08)



Good morning



There was an earthquake last night, are you okay?

My house also shaken quite strongly, and there were many things that fell, but we were okay.

Tomu also took cover under the chair!



I was asleep,
but I jumped awake and put on a helmet!

When you are in panic, it sure is hard to remember where did you put the emergency supplies πŸ’¦

It’s important to check the location of your emergency supplies on regular basis.


By all means, please give it a check
in preparations for disasters πŸͺ–






The MV for Watanabe Risa centered song “Mugon no Uchuu” from 3rd single has been released πŸ‘˜


Have you seen it already?





This time, Director Spikey John-san is directing us for the first time!

By using a special camera, the filming was done in detail.



The lyrics for “Mugon no Uchuu” is also lovely
it has become one my favorite among Sakurazaka songs.


Because it’s truly important, it’s kept within one’s heart and not put into words.
It’s sad, but it’s beautiful isn’t it?


I thought that it suited Risa center 🀫





The costume is the first “Japanese” motif, it was very cute πŸ‘˜




Because each members has a different colors and pattern
by all means, please pay attention to it ✨



I got a lot of pictures taken ☺︎



Please tell me what you like from the MV ☺︎



Marino-chan, the only new 2nd gen to participate in this song πŸ™‚
She’s so cute, I can’t help but to pat her head ☺︎




Please do give it a ton of look πŸͺ








Announcement ☺︎




βœ”οΈFrom 9th October (Sat) from 18:56~ JST I will be appearing on “Ikegami Akira no News Soudatta no ka!!”
together with Ozono Rei-chan πŸ“Ί


It’s a 2 hours special!


It’s a show where I have gratefully able to appear in many times before,
but I always feel nervous every time!!


This time too there is Sawabe-san with us, it’s very reassuring πŸ™‚



From appearing in this show,
I become sensitive to the questions regarding this world
And I have read more than 10 of Ikegami-san’s books πŸ“š


I couldn’t answer as well as I expected and feel regretful,
but this is Rei-chan’s first appearance so please do give it a look





βœ”οΈFanclub-only Sakumimi vol 85 is releasedπŸ“»


This time I talked together with Kira-chan!


I finally received the Oyabun (Boss) t-shirt from Kira-chan!


I feel very proud to have made my first Kobun (Follower)! Lol


It’s a bit of chaotic episode,
but please do give it a listen ✨



There are still more off-shots
so I will send it to blog or mobame again 🀍



Well then, see ya β™ͺ







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