It’s Airi’s sixth blog~~ (2023.05.05)




Thank you for opening my blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡
currently 18 years old.



This is Airi’s sixth blog, whose mood went up because I recently had my height measured and I thought I grew to 152 cm, but when I knew everyone had their height increased by 1 cm and it might be because of the measuring instrument’s malfunction, my mood went down~~


Long time no see~!!



📸 Reina (Odakura Reina)

Reina chose the poseー

This is an off-shot from the BUBKA magazine shoot!
It’s currently on sale~
Please tell me your thoughts!


ーーーFukuoka Concertーーー


I was impressed because the catering was realllllly good ( ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈ )
I got to see the congratulatory flowers properly~~♡



Also, I participated in my first graduation ceremony.

She looked very beautiful in her dress, a real princess,,


I went to Seki-san when we had free time during meet & greet because I wanted to talk to her about HUNTER X HUNTER and she was really kind, it was fun!


She also struck up a conversation with me once when I was getting my makeup done, we talked through the mirror~~


When I asked to take a picture together with her, she said “Okay~☺️” with a smile, and for the last pic she spread her arms when our eyes met and hugged me~!


I love you ♡
Wishing you happy days ahead!



With each performance, the opportunities to talk with the seniors have increased quite significantly, so during my day off I would look through the photos with the seniors that I have saved on my phone and grin,,,  


I’ve talked more with Kousaka-san recently, so when I get close to her she would grab my hands 🥰🥰
She would always hold my hands when we talk.
I took pictures with her at almost every show, so I’ll upload them sometime!


I formed a   bad articulation alliance   with Inoue-san on Sokosaku, but it seems like Nagi (Kojima Nagisa) wants to join too, so she joined as a disciple.
But it seems like that if you have a teacher-student relationship with Inoue-san, she will take you out for meals so I think I’ll become a disciple too.  


ーーーAbout the Third Gen Membersーーー


◉ Mio (Matono Mio)


As Mio said in her blog before, we were in the same group for the third round of the audition~!!


I also clearly remember her as the girl with really good proportions and a unique aura! I had a hunch that she would definitely pass the audition. 


When we got into the same group again for the fourth round, I recognized her right away as the girl from that time!! 🤭


Something about Mio that made me laugh recently was the fact that she didn’t know how to use shoe horns.

She said, “What is this? How do you use it? It looks like a spoon”

and I spontaneously laughed.


She got impressed like “Ooh~” when she learned that you can use shoe horns to wear shoes easily lol


◉ Ito (Mukai Itoha)


I went to and from the airport together with Ito during our trainee period~~
We ate dinner together after our lesson!

Her bright laughter always makes me laugh too lol

She’s a family person, loves her seniors, and she can turn any negative remarks into positive ones, she’s really full of charms ♡


She’s a fast talker and when the two of us talk together, I end up talking fast too.

Our sense of humor is similar, so when we’re together we’re basically being noisy.
Our hometown is also close, so our dialects will come out like “~jake”, “-yaken

On my birthday, Nagi and she gave me the makeup items I wanted and a toy duck that would move if I put bath salts inside it~ (˶ˊ ˋ˵)  I’m using them properly! 


The other day, we woke up early and went to the movies together~!


◉ Yu (Murai Yu)


As Yu wrote in her blog, we’ve never talked until this year lol

Because we were both shy and each of us felt like a far away presence to each other, we continued on not knowing each other’s personalities, but recently we’re always together!

Our topics of interest and personalities match well, and we even went out together the other day~!


You might think that she gives off a cool impression, but she’s actually a clumsy person who thought “salmon” and “sake” were different lol
[T/N: Airi wrote “salmon” with katakana and “sake” (also meaning salmon) with kanji, the meaning is the same but the sound is different]


She unexpectedly gets nervous easily, so when she’s nervous during a shooting, it seems like she imagines that the surroundings are a field and there are butterflies and bees flying around her. Lol

I was dumbfounded and ended up laughing.




Miu (Murayama Miu) took this candid shot of me chewing some popcorn the other day when we went out together 🍿🍿


My mother said that I looked like a quokka
Please look it up~ hehe

By the way, when I buy popcorn at the movies, I get the double size that has both salt and caramel flavor and mix them up while I eat.  



That’s all for today!

Please wait until next time~~
It’s always so fun writing the blogs every time!



Tomorrow is Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)’s turn!


Seems like the clothes I wear often looks like a puppy 🐶 to her,
so she would say,
“It’s fluffy-kun~~”.


Look forward to Yuzu’s blog~!!



See you again 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻


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