Lace (2023.05.05)

Hello ‪‪☺︎



Thank you very much!


Lace (2023.05.05)




I had the opportunity to walk
in the dazzlin-san’s stage.





Both the outfit and the accessories were cute,
I was happy happy  ( ◜◡◝ )️🩵‎🤍




Whenever I’m on the runway,
I always get very nervous,
but this time the members were in the dressing room,
so I was able to distract a little bit during that time.


I’m grateful.




When I was walking,
I found lots of boards and such.

I was really happy~. Thank you 😞♡



Thank you so much
for this valuable experience.







After that,
we had the opportunity to perform
in the artist live segment.




I was able to see people waving light sticks
even far into the distance~~


It made me happy~! 😚😚





Thank you so much
to everyone who came to the venue,
and to those who watched the broadcast!






And then, later that night,

We did a live broadcast
to celebrate the opening of
our new YouTube Channel “Sakurazaka Channel”~~ 🥳



Wah~~~~!!!!! Finally!!!

We also started doing YouTube!



From now on, we will challenge various projects,
you will see how we usually spend our time,
and I think you will also get to see
more of how we really are.  




And then, on yesterday’s live broadcast,
we had an okonomiyaki party
with the members from Kansai!


I was so happy that
they were eating what I cooked
and were saying it was delicious and delicious 😳



We all enjoyed it together.

It was fun to cook and eat together 🐙


It was the first time we do a live broadcast like this,
so I’m sure there were some parts we were not very experienced with,
but I hope those who were watching
were able to enjoy it too…



And then, during the live broadcast,
the number of subscribers
exceeded 100,000~!!



Thank you.


For the Buddies,
and for those who don’t know about Sakurazaka yet,
from now on, we will do our best
to deliver videos that you can all enjoy🍃


I will appreciate your support
to subscribe to the channel and click the Like button!

(I wanted to try saying that~~~!!!!!)





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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