GirlsAward 2023 S/S (2023.05.05)


Good afternoon!



I performed 
at “Rakuten GirlsAward 2023 S/S” yesterday🌼

I was happy for the chance to perform!



To the people who watched at the venue
And the people who watched online
Thank you very much🤍

I was happy to hear the audience’s cheers
When “The next artist is Sakurazaka46” was shown
I was happy along with the members



The setlist was as follows!

  • Sakurazuki
  • Masatsu Keisuu
  • BAN

The costume we wore was a light blue suit💎



I also got to watch the members walking down the runway〜
They were so cute and cool



When I see Hikaru-chan arranging her hair, 
I just end up talking to her and saying how cute she is🫶🏻
She looks cute with any kind of hairstyle.



Walking down the runway,
Doing schoolwork in the dressing room
Then going out for the live…so cool!

I also told Ten
That I want to attend her high school graduation🫶🏻



Hono-chan was sitting beside me in the dressing room🫶🏻
You were really cute while on the runway〜



✌🏻Same gens✌🏻



I could see 
many people waving penlights
even in the back of the hall!

I saw boards with names and paper fans too,
Thank you very much〜!

I also saw a board with what looked like
“Marino World一!〜



Thank you very much🤍

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