GW (2023.05.04)

KonNagi~!! Kojima Nagisa here! Today is Thursday!


Surely some of you are enjoying Golden Week, but I believe some are still working everyday.
Thank you for your great work everyday 👍🏻



I’m continuing the blog relay after Reina’s~


Recently, you can see me and Reina got excited in our reaction video for Ozono-san’s photobook. Take a look at it in Twitter ☺︎



Ozono-san, congratulations once more for the release of your photobook “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage” (Half-light, half-shadow)!!


It is full of pictures that will make you full of delusions, like “Is this my girlfriend”,,, Personally I’m the type who likes to read photobooks in silence, looking at each pictures carefully, so I’m sorry that I was just grinning by myself without saying anything lol.



Also, on Reina’s blog yesterday, there was a picture of her holding the Florentine biscuit! lol, that was nostalgic~!
It is really delicious, you’ll think it is something that came out of a store,,


I remember that I ate lots of those together with Miu (Murayama Miu). I really admire her, since I couldn’t make sweets by myself! Please make it again some other time ❤︎







First of all, let’s talk about the tour in Fukuoka 🍜
Thank you for those who came.


Several years ago, Fukuoka was on the top of my list of places that I wanted to go. Since it was the first on the list, I’m really glad that I was able to go there.



The Fukuoka airport was beautiful… 💭



There were lots of delicious stuff like motsu nabe, Sea bream chazuke, mentaiko, and others
I wanna eat those again,,,



During the MC, because Reina (Odakura Reina) was saying a pun (?), I forgot what I was about to say…


I couldn’t stop laughing, hearing that pun said in such a place and atmosphere.



But reflecting on that, I managed to say what I wanted to say on the second day!



And then on the second day, we were holding Seki Yumiko-san’s graduation ceremony.


Once again, congratulations on your graduation.



She looked so pretty wearing that pink dress.
She was beautiful and really looked like a princess. Very classy,,,



I remember how I was just lost for words seeing how pretty she was.



The 3rd-gens were watching through a monitor backstage during her speech, but we felt that the entire venue was engulfed with Yumi-san’s warmth.



There’s the period where we were just fans, but having been able to work as members in these past several months made us really impressed with Yumi-san’s beautiful personality.



“To be a member of this group is my pride and joy. I will live my life with that pride”



I’ll be giving my very best from now on so that I can also have those same thoughts.



📸 Pic from the 1st day, with Inoue-san and Yumi-san 🎶



The bond between them is s so lovely.
I’m glad that I could took a picture with them ☺︎


If only I could talk more with Yumi-san,,
I took many pictures, so when I’m missing her I’ll be looking at them.



And also,
I’ve become Inoue-san’s first pupil, so I’ll make sure to talk more with her from now on.
She’s such a fun person, it’s so enjoyable to talk with her 🎶



Within this period, I’ve had more opportunities to talk with the seniors,,, Maybe it’s just me, but I’m happy that I could get along better with them.






We got some time-off after the tour in Fukuoka, and then we will continue with those in Kanagawa and Osaka!



I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who will come for the tour later on ☺︎
Let’s have a lot of fun!



🌷To Itoha🌷

Everyone, do you know what day May 9th is??



Yes! It is Itoha’s birthday!
Since it’s not possible to congratulate her in the blog until my turn comes again, please allow me to celebrate it a bit early here! Happy sweet-seventeen!!!
Let’s enjoy this period where we are of the same age to the fullest!
We should go out and play together often 👍🏻



I think it was thanks to Itoha that the 3rd-gens managed to open up to each other in such a fast pace.



Itoha has a cheerful personality and assertiveness. She also doesn’t hide anything, so it makes it easier for me to talk to her.



Oh, it’s so nostalgic how we did a girl’s party until 4 AM in the hotel back then!!!! lolol
Let’s do it again someday ✌️


Thank you for always giving us the power to stay happy ☺︎



From now on, please continue to paint this group and all Buddies with your cheerfulness, hard-working mentality, and all the good things in you ☺︎






From left-to-right, Yu (Murai Yu), Reina (Odakura Reina), Itoha (Mukai Itoha), Miu (Murayama Miu) and me.




🌷The Sakurazaka Channel has been opened🌷


There will be more and more videos posted, so please check it out 👀
The list of things that I wanted to do is growing now 💭💭


I would like to do all-you-can-eat segment someday,,


Mio (Matono Mio) often, say this to me
“Nagi, it’s like your entire life is just about eating”

It’s not like that I did it intentionally,,,


It’s impossible to keep on eating the same taste over and over, but I guess if it’s always a different taste each time, then I think it’s possible to just eat for the rest of my life.



Games also! Maybe card games would be good too
My imagination keeps on expanding 💭💭


Also, I think it’d be cool if we could post some videos which were taken by the fellow 3rd-gens in the past,,



There are many things I would like to do, so please look forward to it 🙌🏻



Attention, to those of you who are reading my blog!
Right here right now, subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications👍🏻  lolol


🌸Sakura Channel🌸


🌸”Sudden Emergence” Sakurazaka Channel! with Numa-Song~ 3 days until the channel opening commemorative live stream~


🌸”Manager’s POV” Infiltrating the Backstage During 3rd Tour 2023 in Tokyo-Aichi!~ 2 days until the channel opening commemorative live stream~


🌸”About Catering for Idols” Introduction by the 1st-gens from 3rd Tour 2023 in Fukuoka!~ 1 day until the channel opening commemorative live stream~


↑ For those who haven’t watched, please watch them!



I’ll be featured in BUBKA magazine, June edition.

I remember how I got all excited on that day just like when I went to see the ocean 5 years ago lol


It was my first time having a pillow fight. We were lying down on mattresses just like in training camp. Got frightened by lots of insects also (especially Reina and me),,


We really felt the enjoyment of being young during that photoshoot!



Also the weather was really nice and the location is so pretty, that me, Itoha (Mukai Itoha) and Yu (Murai Yu) took turns taking pictures of each other!


Itoha was the best with the camera lolol
I’ll show you that picture someday~






In my last blog, I said that I’d post them, however there are no off-shots from my photoshoot with MORE magazine 😭
So please take a look at the off-shots that were posted on Twitter some time ago

Uh, how regrettable,,,




🌷Did I join the Katoshi corps,,?🌷
Kato Shiho-san’s photobook will be on sale in 46 days! Congratulations for the photobook!


Thank you for mentioning me in #shihotalk and your SHOWROOM live!



I was mentioned alongside Hono-san, Akiho-san, and also Konishi Nanami-san from Hinatazaka46! I am humbled.

I’ll do my best to become a person worthy of you😤



Let’s call it a bye-bye here for today~!


Tomorrow is Airi’s (Taniguchi Airi)!
At times, Airi can act like someone in elementary school.
There were so many things she wanted to eat during the tour in Fukuoka.

She was continuously saying things like,
“Eeh, what should I do… I wanna eat ~”
“Eeh, but I want to eat this too~”

But she looked happy being able to eat a lot ☺️






🌷Recent update🌷

Recently, I ate Parm’s lemon cheese cake and it was delicious! Please try it!!



Also, I’ve started to watch the anime “Oshi no Ko”, that was recommended by Rika (Ishimori Rika)~ So given this occasion, I might also try to read the manga,,,



In the 17 years of my life, I’ve never watched any anime, but just recently I’ve started watching it!
I started pretty suddenly, so I really have never watched any of the popular ones lol



Everyone, please give me some recommendation of anime(s)~
I’m really bad with the “scary”(?) / “horror” genre, so anything but those!!



Speaking of which,,
I happened to watch Akasaka Aka-sensei ~ the creator of “Oshi no Ko” ~ on YouTube, so it was surprising to know that he is a manga artist!!
My knowledge about manga and anime is really limited,,
It surprised me since I got to know him from watching his video where he collaborated with a gaming Vtuber!!



Also, did you watch Sokosaku?
Moriya-san inviting me to do the “Playing Renaa” was so shocking, that I ended up passing it right away to Shii (Yamashita Shizuki),,,



I’ll give my best to be cute like Moriya-san, and having Renaa-san coming down into me 😤
And with that, I’ve managed to make one goal for this year!!!!!



Bye-bye again for the second time!!

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