The approaching early summer and sound of waves (2023.05.03)

Happy Wednesday ☺️



When I hear the sound of waves, the summer when I was fifteen, where I was drawn by the sea and often came there by myself, comes to mind.



I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.


I like walking without any thoughts in my mind.
Once, I passed through a forest while singing without having any map and reached the sea. The impromptu path I took while holding a water gun in one hand was really fun.


Won’t you go to the sea during this Golden Week?




○ Fukuoka Concert

Thank you to everyone who came to watch.
The stage’s distance to the Buddies was so close that I could see the faces of everyone in the highest level too, so I was nervous to the tips of my fingers. I could feel everyone’s enthusiasm and had a great time.


“Motsunabe wo motsu kaero~, motsu dake ni ne!” (Let’s bring home motsunabe~, get it?)
“Taichazuke tabetaiccha! Taichazuke dake ni ne!” (I wan’t to eat sea bream chazuke! Get it?)

I thought of puns related to Fukuoka foods, so I wanted to say it no matter what during the MC…
I hope someone found it funny and chuckled~ ¨̮

I actually like puns, so I’ve been writing them down to send from time to time when I start using the private message service 🪄


And, I had the opportunity to send off Seki Yumiko-san for her graduation.

She looked so beautiful and wonderful with her dress that it just filled my heart with sadness, knowing that it was the last day.

I wish Seki-san much happiness in the future.




○ QnA Corner

Q. What was your childhood dream?
A. When I was little, I was frightened by the fact that life had a time limit, and I wanted to become “eternity”.
I had this vague dream of wanting to be at least a person who will be remembered for a long time by others, but I hid it from everyone because they will tell me it’s weird lol


Q. Do you have a habit?
A. Maybe it’s that I keep saying sentences with a broad subject like  “Humans are~”.


Q. What is your weakness?
A. That I can’t tell left from right right away
Each time someone asks me “With which hand do you hold the chopsticks?” I have to think about it first before I answer.
Once I held the chopsticks with my left hand thinking that maybe I was confused because I’m ambidextrous, but I couldn’t pick anything up with it lol


Q. What do you enjoy most about writing a novel?
A. Looking up words in the dictionary.
I enjoyed looking up words I normally use everyday and making sure I didn’t get the definition wrong the most.


Q. A recent wishlist item?
A. A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera
I’ve always liked taking photos and I’ve been wanting a SLR camera for three years now.
I asked for recommendations from the cameraman-san so I will buy it soon.
Please tell me your recommendations too~!


Q. Have you had any pets?
A. I have a pet dog at home. They seem to like me, so they would follow me around, take naps with me, talk to me in dog language, they’re the best dog.
I also have a 12 year old loach and a goldfish. It has grown to an unimaginable size.


Q. What books have you bought recently?
A. “The City and Its Uncertain Walls” by Murakami Haruki-san
Seems like it’s a long story which he wrote over three years with him barely going outside, so I was thinking of reading it over the Golden Week.

I received a lot of book recommendations from everyone too, so I’m looking forward to reading them!




○ BUBKA-san

Photo by Miu

All of the 3rd gen members are featured in the
BUBKA June edition which went on sale on April 28th

Please do check it out~




○ About the 3rd gens
Lastly, I will be introducing Nakashima Yuzuki, Mukai Itoha, and Murayama Miu.

Yuuzu is straightforward and kind in everything.
She would always make us smile, so I think she is probably blessed by the God of Laughter. Yuuzu is a bundle of talent.

Itoha-chan is always cheerful and innocent to everyone. She is a super mood maker who can start a conversation with the seniors by herself. I really admire her. She also has a clingy side just like a 16 year old would and it’s cute.

Miu looks cold, but she’s a warm kid who is full of love. I often see her taking photos of the other 3rd gens. The expression she has on her face then is really lovely, so I thought to buy a camera and take a snap of it.


Please take care of us 3rd gens.


The first two-shot I’ll upload in my blog is with Nagi~
She ate the florentine I made for our first appearance in Sokosaku! I’m happy 🫰🏻

Look forward to Nagi’s blog tomorrow~


That’s all for today.


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫
This was Odakura Reina.

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