It’s the 🐶🐱nth Airi blog~~ 🌸 🍰 (2023.07.10)



Thank you very much for opening this blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation member Taniguchi Airi 🐡 from Yamaguchi
and currently 18 years old.







It’s the 12th blog from Airi and we all call the car we are riding in as “vehicle”, but the other day either Shii (Yamashita Shizuki) or me called it a bus, and we spent about five minutes arguing like “It was Shii who said it!” “No, it was Airi!~~



When I think about it again, we argued about something truly trivial.

Now I understand why Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) laughed at us.





It’s been a while~~!



I’m happy to be able to meet you again!




Just as Nagi (Kojima Nagisa) wrote on her blog yesterday, I presented something that smells good to Nagi~

I’m happy that she’s using it ☺️


She and Itoha (Mukai Itoha) gave me a rubber ducky as birthday present, and I’m properly making use of it~~

It’s so cute I love it ♡






ーーー Weekly Shonen Sunday-sanーーー


I was able to appear as the cover and the main feature of
Weekly Shonen Sunday-san’s vol 32 that was released on 5th July!


Have you all given it a look yet~?


I was able to do the photoshoot in the kind of scenery that I love, it was so much fun!





There are still more pictures, I’ll upload them one day~~


Please do give the interview a look as well~~




ーーーMeet & greetーーー



The meet & greet for “Start over!” has finally started~!


I really enjoy the time I spent chatting with everyone, thinking about what clothes to wear or what hairstyle to do makes me excited.



On the first day, Shii (Yamashita Shizuki) asked me,

“Airii~ Would you do half-twintail with me?”,



So I just  h a d  to do it for her 🤭



(Just kidding) (Thanks for inviting me)




Because there are many people in meet & greet asking me to put it on blog!




Recently, I’ve been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion,
So when I wear red ribbons to tie my half-twintail, don’t you think that it makes it look alike that certain character’s hairstyle?

It made me a bit excited.

I watched the movie version many times before, but it’s my first time watching the anime episodic version, so I’d like to enjoy it.

Let’s watch it together~~!




I’m clumsy with my hands, so I’m happy to be able to try on many different hairstyles in meet & greet


Thank you very much for praising my hairstyle lots!

I promised to upload many different hairstyles on my blog, so I’ll put them up bit by bit, okay~!




If you have a favorite hairstyle, please tell me using

#愛季に知らせたいこと [# What I want Airi to know]~~




ーーーSHOWROOM Streamーーー



The 3rd gen SHOWROOM stream relay is finally ending today~


It was sooo much fun, we all talked about wanting to do a second week of relay streams or doing a group stream together~.


It’s that much fun!


Did you all have fun too??

I’d be happy if you did ☺️



ーーー Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?ーーー



In last week’s episode, it’s been decided that I will be joining the location shoot in Shiga~


Actually, when they told us that there will be a selection to decide who will be going to Shiga for location filming, I studied about Shiga together with Yu (Murai Yu)~~

I want to go to Shiga so much, I unconsciously said “Salad Roll”.


The game where the three of us become idiots was fun too~ 🤭


Though it feels a bit embarrassing when I look at it afterwards… lol


I’ll have fun while properly following Takemoto-san’s lead~~!







It’s been about a year since I applied for Sakurazaka’s audition.


On this day one year ago, I wonder if I was nervous about sending the application~~


Back then, I didn’t expect that I’d be able to enter this industry that I have always longed for, and never thought that this industry would be more fun that I imagined, and that I would be so happy.


There are so many times that made me feel glad to have joined Sakurazaka.


I am once again filled with gratitude.



That’s why!
I will continue to work hard without sparing any effort and become a person who is constantly growing!

Please continue to support me from now on!




ーーー QA Cornerー ーーー




○ What made you come to like EGOIST-san?



I talked about this a bit on my second blog, but I have loved EGOIST-san so very much since I was in 1st year of elementary school!


It all started because of the anime Guilty Crown, but I love their singing voice so much… 🤭


There are many anime series that I started watching because of EGOIST-san!


About three years ago I was planning to go to watch their concert, I had the ticket, penlight, and t-shirt, but due to various circumstances I was unable to go then; So I still haven’t able to watch them in concert 😢


If you don’t mind, please do give them a listen



Recently what I’ve been listening to is

Departures~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~
Namae no Nai Kaibutsu
All alone with you



I love them so much that if you ask me which song I recommend I would say everything



It ends up being a long answer when I’m talking about something that I like
Sorry if it was difficult to read 💦





○ Favorite onigiri filling?



Definitely plum!!!



I never ate tuna mayo before, but Nagi made it look so delicious while she was eating it the other day that I became interested.





○ When your mobame starts, what kind of thing do you want to send?



Let’s see~ 🤔


I’ve been thinking about sending content of me playing guitar and singing, so I’m diligently practicing for it



I’d love to send voice messages too~

I’d like to try saying things like
“Good morning~” or “Good night~” 🤭





○ Are you still friends with your tea buddies?



(The uncles and aunties I talked about when I first appeared on “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”!)



We are 👍

Even recently we kept in touch as sending “How are you~?”~ (laughs)

Thanks to uncles and aunties, I’ve come to love black tea which I’d never been interested before

Next time, I’ll ask what tea and sweets they’ll recommend~🤭


I’ve been drinking tea so much lately, I bought a tool called a tea strainer!


I want to have a teapot or a kyusu too one day, but I thought it’d be a hassle to just use it for myself so I haven’t bought one yet





○ Do you use 0.3mm or 0.5mm mechanical pencil?




If it’s OMR sheet, I definitely use 0.5mm,
but I usually use the 0.3mm one!!

But I usually would press it too strong and break it 💦 lol





○ Favorite miso soup ingredient?



I guess it’s nameko~!



But I also like potatoes

Oh, and enoki too!


I love all kinds of mushrooms, adding them into my miso soup lifts my spirits!

I want Rika (Ishimori Rika) to make it for me next time~~










7th July was Nagi’s birthday~ 🎂


Congratulations on becoming an adult~~!!*

We’re the same age now 😏


Please continue to be the dressing room’s conversation thief

Thank you for always raising everyone’s spirits 🥰
[T/N: They revised adult age to 18 years old now]



And then!


It was also Habu-san’s birthday~!

Happy birthday 🎉🎉

Thank you so much for always being so kind and cheerful!




And then and then!!!

Today is!!


Run-san’s birthday~!!!

Happy birthday ㊗️

Please let me continue to follow your example!






I hope that maaaaaaany good things and happiness come to those who celebrate their birthday!









This picture is my version of the picture of the one taken in Sakurazaka Channel’s manager POV video!


Please give it a check and see which part I’m talking about!






That’s all for this blog!


Thank you very much for reading my blog!




At the end of the 11th Airi blog, I said that I cut my bangs, and I’m thinking of parting them for “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” or other jobs, while showing them in meet & greet and blog~!


I hope that those who like me bangless and those who like me with bangs could both enjoy it ☺️




Tomorrow is Yuzu’s!


When Yuzu is chatting with another member, it makes me curious, so I join in by saying “What’s up??”, which then would make Yuzu laugh a lot. It’s so funny, it makes me laugh as well 😂

I’m gonna be jumping into the convo again, alright!


Please look forward to Yuzu’s blog~









See ya 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻





















#愛季が伝えたいこと [What Airi wants to say]


Thank you as always!

I feel energized thanks to all of your support 💪


I’m savoring the happiness in every moment!

Please continue to support me from now on!

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