It’s the eighth Airi blog~~ (2023.05.27)




Thank you for opening my blog !




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation’s Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi🐡 and currently 18 years old.




It’s the eighth blog from Airi, who has not been checking the weather forecast and therefore has been wearing short sleeves when it’s cold, long sleeves when it’s hot, and regretting it every time~~


Long time no see~!

The weather has been unstable lately, so everyone take care of your health~!




—Kanagawa performance—


It had been a month since I’d heard all your voices. I was so happy~!


Also, it was really fun to be able to perform at Pia Arena MM again since when we were there for omotenashikai!


I’d be happy if you thought I’ve grown since back then.



I ate steamed pork buns from the catering and it was incredibly tasty. 


Personally, I like eating it with a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce.


What do you guys like to put on your meat buns–?


I wanted to add a meat bun emoji in the title but there isn’t one…


By the way, the tamago kake gohan emoji in today’s title is because I ate that for three days straight 😋
[T/N: Rice topped with raw egg and soy sauce]


Shii (Yamashita Shizuki) who I was exchanging catchphrases with on the second day of the Kanagawa Performance !


The other day she read my blog and said
“I don’t think I have ever hugged you though😤”
but she hugged me offstage on the third day of the show–!!


She is cute



—6th single—



The 6th single “Start over!” will be released on the June 28th! 

Additionally, applications for meet & green have started,
and we, the 3rd gen members, will participate for the 3rd~6th slots!

The second round of applications will start on May 31st (Wednesday) at 2pm~


I love talking to everyone so I will be waiting~!


For those who love to talk, I will listen to whatever they want to tell me and for those who are not as talkative, let me do the talking! 






Here’s the picture I said I would post the other day, a picture from mini-san!



The makeup was basic so it might have been a look closer to the usual me !

I love street fashion so I kept asking where the clothes were from🤭



Next, a picture from CanCam- san! 


I even got to wear earrings that I usually wouldn’t wear~! 
An interview was included as well!



Please check it out !!!






The Q&A I have always wanted to do!




Q. What should I use as a tag for your blog?




#airiblog is okay!


I thought that there could be something better but after all I think this one is the easiest to remember !




Q. Which clubs were you in during middle school and high school?

I was part of the English Science club in middle school
As for high school, I was in the guitar club! 

“English Science club” was more like just a name,
we grew tomatoes, sweet potatoes, okra and other vegetables~ LOL
We did kinda use English too though~

As for the guitar club, I mainly used an acoustic guitar !
By the way, I also did stuff like setting up the acoustics and speakers🤭




Q. Are there any moments where your dialect comes out?


There are a lot of moments! 

In particular, it comes out a lot when I talk to Itoha (Mukai Itoha), Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) or Mio (Matono Mio)~ 

also, when I get surprised or when I am talking to myself I guess?

sometimes it also comes out during Meet and Greets 
and I am like “oh! my bad!” lol




Q. Was there anything you found difficult about moving to Tokyo? 


I wonder…


Maybe that there were so many exits in the station that I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to leave from~ 


The other day when I was taking the train with Riko (Endo Riko) and Nagi (Kojima Nagisa), I proposed we leave from an exit that ended up being in the exact opposite direction of the exit that was nearest to where we were headed. I made them walk a lot… 






Will leave it here for today !

I still wanted to write a lot more but I will leave it for the next time !




Tomorrow it’s Yuzu’s blog ! 

Yuzu loves me a lot. 

Let’s eat red bean and cream buns together soon ♡


Look forward to Yuzu’s blog!




See you—👋🏻👋🏻

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