Unread pile of books (2023.05.27)



Unread pile of books (2023.05.27)



These are the books I’ve been reading recently.



Surprisingly, I finished reading them.




I talk about it frequently
in the Message App,
but I think it’s been a while since
I talked about books on my blog 🤔




I’ve been asked about it during the Meet & Greet sessions and such,
and I’ve promised I’ll write about it but haven’t done it yet.
I’m so sorry~~~!!!!




The ones in the photo are the ones I recommend. They’re good.
Hono liked them very much ‪‪☺︎



From time to time,
the genres and topics I want to read about change,
so I get the feeling that the genres of each book
are all over the place~~





I also have a pile of books at home that I haven’t read,
so according to my mood at the time, I try to find them
and it’s fun because it feels like treasure hunting 🥸📚


I get the exact same feeling when I’m in bookstores.





Those have been my favorite places for a long time ‪‪‪‪‪‪☺︎







I also like reading books that other people like,
so if it’s okay with you all, please tell me about it ( ◜◡◝ )☄️







See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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