It’s the ninth Airi blog~~🐙😋 (2023.06.07)



Thank you for opening my blog!



I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation’s Taniguchi Airi
from Yamaguchi🐡and currently 18 years old.




It’s the ninth blog from Airi, who has been rejected when attempting to form a heart with Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki), who is not being taken seriously due being so small and the one in charge of being pitiful within the 3rd generation~~




It ‘s been a while! 

Today is Wednesday, the middle of the week!

It will soon be the weekend, let’s do our best~💪



Have you guys seen the heart incident between me and Yuzu on Soko Magattara Sakurazaka?

Just before the opening started, we were quickly like “Should we do something? a heart?” but there must have been some sort of misunderstanding🥲


Just as Nagi (Kojima Nagisa) wrote in her blog the other day, I cling to everybody. Until I became a 3rd generation member, I was never a clingy person but I feel so safe around everyone that I started to become one!

Sometimes I get the cold shoulder but when that happens I just cling onto someone else lol





I tried to take a selfie with a half up ponytail hairstyle!


ーーー 3rd TOUR 2023 ーーー




Thank you so much for the Osaka performance!


I felt passion in the audience’s voice and it was incredibly fun

Takoyaki was so tasty~🐙🐙
I ate so much 








The 3rd Tour 2023 that started in April has finally been completed!!!

Thank you so much for those who came to the venue and viewers who watched the stream! 


We have been to Tokyo, Fukuoka, Aichi, Kanagawa and Osaka. I am so happy.




The 3rd generation not only performed “Natsu no chikamichi,” but we also performed “Dead end,”
and starting with the 3rd day in Kanagawa we showed off a “Special BAN” too.


There have been times where I lost confidence and wondered if it’s a good thing for us to perform a song of the seniors who I treasure so much or if I managed to hype up the place as well as my seniors have. But within the members we talked a lot about this and we were all like “Let’s just do our very best! Let’s keep growing!”



After they expressed such thoughts I felt very happy.



I am very honored to have taken part in my first tour, to perform with my seniors and to have met Buddies.


Throughout this tour I really felt just how amazing my seniors are once again. I have nothing but respect for them. 


After seeing my seniors shine I felt very motivated to do my very best with the 3rd generation too.



I want you guys to get to know the 3rd generation even more.

I would appreciate it if you kept supporting us from now on!





—Shin sekai—




Sakurazaka46’s exhibition “Shin sekai” will be held
from the 28th of July to the 29th of October!

As a key visual, Kobayashi-san and Ten-sama will make an appearance together.



Actually, that was my first photoshoot where there were no other 3rd generation members with me!

I was very nervous because the poses and facial expressions we were asked to do were so different from the ones I was used to…

Thanks to my seniors being warm and calming me down, I feel like maybe I somehow managed to do it properly.



My seniors look so beautiful and cool no matter when they are getting shot that I have caught myself staring at them.

There is still time until the exhibition opens but I can not wait until you guys come check it out!






Today, 7th June the release of anan No.2351 is being published !

I have never worn clothes like that, they were so cute~♡

Please let me know what you guys think of it~🤭


Please check it out!




—-6th single—-



The music video for “Start over!” was so cool…


Watching it once did not feel like enough so I rewatched it multiple times. 

I could really feel how amazing my seniors were while watching the video too…



oh oh and

The 3rd round of applications for the Meet & Greet will be open until tomorrow the 8th (Thursday) at 2pm!

 I will be waiting for everyone(*´︶`*)






This is a behind the scenes story about Miu (Murayama Miu) during the Fukuoka performance but, Miu was eating a crepe and she got so into it that she got cream on her mouth.
She herself didn’t even notice. It was cute…

I like seeing Miu chewing food.




This is Miu wrapping herself up in a towel



—–Soko magattara, sakurazaka?—-


Have you guys watched “3rd generation reaction check!” that was broadcasted the other day~?


I like jet coasters but of course, FUJIYAMA made me feel too dizzy…

I got surprised at feeling my own body floating lol



As for the Labyrinth of Fear, I did not feel as scared thanks to Riko (Endo Riko) but we ran through it too much so when it was over the two of us regretted it… 👻


Also, I was intimidating the monsters wasn’t I? 

I do not remember doing that at all… lol


I got surprised after watching the videos lol


Everyone’s reactions were great (*ˊ˘ˋ*)





And !
A new video has been uploaded to the Sakurazaka channel~! 

Please check it out !


People’s cheeks really swell up like that huh lol 
by the way, I am eating shrimp gyoza 🦐🥟






Q: Summer is already here, is there a flavor of shaved ice that you like?



If it’s the crispy shaved ice you see in the stalls,
I would say I always go for strawberry flavor🍓


If it’s the softer shaved ice of the shops,
the ones with soybean flour on them were very good !

I have gone with Nagi and Miu (Murayama Miu) before~!
It was memorable because I have only eaten soft shaved ice two times in my life~

Well, I think it’d be memorable no matter how many times I eat it though🤭



Q: Tell me what you were eating in the Vlog~!



・Soft cream from Musashi
It’s called “The Joy of Ono no Komachi” and I think it consists of soybean flour and dark honey on matcha soft cream
it was very good so I invite you to give it a try! 
[t/n: Ono no Komachi was a renowned female poet of the Heian period (~9th century)]

・Hot tile noodles
My ultimate favorite
It’s egg, meat and nori on green tea soba noodles.
My mom used to often make it on a hotplate!


As for others, I also ate lotus root chips and mitarashi dumplings !
The mitarashi dumplings were freshly made and so tasty~ 🤤
[t/n: skewered rice dumplings covered in a sweet soy sauce glaze]


Q: Can you see Buddie’s faces and towels during concerts? 



I can see pretty far away~!

I can probably see way more than everyone expects lol 

If you are ever like “did we make eye contact?” then yes, we made eye contact. You did not imagine that! 


It makes me happy to see the boards and posters fans have prepared for us during the performance. It gives me so much energy !

There are also occasionally times one of the other members will tell me backstage “There’s an Airi oshi over there~!”



Q: Is there anyone who’s often next to you when you’re traveling, like on trains and such?


hmmmmm 🤔

I think it depends on the day !

I guess if it’s on the bus, Yu (Murai Yu) is often sitting next to me~🤔

also maybe Riko (Endo Riko)

Everyone gets along with everyone so no matter who sits next to who I think it’s just as fun lol




This time I’ll leave it here! 


For the next time, maybe I should do some hair arrangement~~


Wait until then !




Tomorrow will be Yuzu! 


The other day she got happy because I gave her matcha bread🍞
It makes me want to give more and more to her lol 


Look forward for Yuzu’s blog~~





See you👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻





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