Japan Expo Paris (2023.08.19)


The performance in Paris, France
was a stage that I still can’t forget even now

I am truly happy
that the group can be loved by overseas Buddies
beyond the borders like this.
Many people also rushed to come from Japan.
 I am grateful for that.




It gets dark late in France thanks to the midnight sun
It was lovely to be able to feel how the time passes slowly

I felt like a Parisian just by walking around the streets ❤️‍🔥


Whenever my eyes met with people on the streets,
they would smile at me,
they would greet me with Japanese


In any case
it was a wonderful experience for the group…




Makes me want to take her to lots of places in the future 😍



And today is
Japan Expo in Malaysia
We finished the rehearsals and will be doing the actual performance soon
I feel nervous, but I’ll do my best  ☀️

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