Here… Have a Yukata Shii. Yamashita Shizuki (2023.08.18)




I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto



Today is Yu’s birthday 🎂
Congratulations on being 19 years old

Even though we are in the same generation, it feels like she’s a little older…
Birthdays sure are nice~
Let’s continue to be friends from now on ♡











Thank you very much for real meet & greet

Oh man~ That was fun


Yep yep



It might have been difficult for you to hear my voice because my throat was unwell…
I’m sorry…


It was the first time I was able to meet everyone directly like this, and there were those who said “It sure is nervewracking ~”, but how was it really? Did you feel nervous? ( ¨̮ )


Thank you very much to Reina’s fans as well~
I’d be happy that you could have fun





Thank you very much to those of you who sent me flowers ✿︎
All of the flowers are so beautiful, I was able to take pictures with them~ There are some flowers that didn’t make it into this picture, so I will talk about it again one-by-one my next blog

Truly, thank you very much





I’m very satisfied to be able to wear a yukata and feel the Summer-vibe
Did anyone see it coming~?


Yukata Yamashita
Yukata Shizuki
Yukata Shii


On the morning of the day of the event, Yu and I tried to put it on, but we weren’t able to do it well and in the end, Rika put it on for us~ I’m very grateful with how she dressed us so skillfully ( ¨̮ ) Thank you~




I hope that there will be events that allow us to meet directly like this again on the next single~
I’ll be waiting (*´︶`*)ノ










I wonder if any one you came to see it…?
I was so happy to be able to participate in the festival on such a beautiful sunny say it would seem like I was lying if I said I was worried about the rain coming from the typhoon…

It sure was hot, wasn’t it~

Are you guys feeling okay…?
As for us, we had a delicious meal after the performance~ Although some people asked me if I ate the melon…
Yamashita is allergic to melon…



Sorry~ I didn’t eat it…
I just watched how everyone ate it and thought it looked delicious
But let me tell you that I ate the pear ice cream~ ☺︎







We wore a new costume~

It’s super cute 🩵
Thank you very much for making this












Thank you very much to everyone who came to the venue, who watched through the stream
It was so fun~

I could hear the cheering of the audience starting from overture…
It really raised my tension
That concert vibe is really nice, isn’t it~ it really made me think about how much I like and enjoy it




But there is something that I thought about a bit

While I think it’s fun, I have to admit that I’m not satisfied with my recent performance

I feel that if I can just hold on and overcome this obstacle, I can get closer to a performance that I can be satisfied with. It’s a struggle, but I’ll do my best not to be lenient ( ¨̮ )
Please wait for the day when both you and I are satisfied with the performance…







And so around here, I bring today’s blog to an end. Thank you very much for reading until the end






Tomorrow is Rika~
Thank you for so many things like dressing me up and lending me the hair ornaments 🧸









Bye by~e













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