Murayama Miu (2023.08.17)

The past week has been the second Miu-chan week, hasn’t it?


I guess it didn’t feel long?
Long time no see



My name is Murayama Miu
I’m taking it easy today as well
Please stick with me










We met a lot in August, didn’t we?
I’ll tell you about the fun things








This day was the first time we performed   Seijaku no Bouryoku   in front of everyone
Really, I was nervous


Seijaku no Bouryoku’s   power is so strong,
I get sucked into that world the moment the song starts playing
So, when you feel like you want to escape, you can go into another world if you listen to the song
Just kidding

Everyone has their own way of listening to the song, right?




Seems like there are a lot of people who like the way   Seijaku no Bouryoku   begins
I like it
It feels like the atmosphere changed as soon as the song plays
The air feels tepid
It feels like the time has stopped and everything became silent

I really like itー







I watched everyone from the backstage during Drone Senkaichuu


Even the people faーーr back
People I’m sure weren’t Buddies
Everyone was spinning their towels
Once again I felt that Sakurazaka and the seniors are amazing






Real Meet & Greet 




I was worried about the weather,
But I felt relieved after seeing everyone’s smiles



Thank you very much to everyone who has always supported me, and also Yuzuki-chan’s and Mio’s fans
I want to talk to everyone againーー I hope we can meet again





It was a happy place
Lots of eye contact and lots of laughter


I think everyone already knows, but,
All of the third gens wore yukata that day

Some of the flowers are cut off from the picture or covered, so please let me convey my gratitude directly next time

I saved all of them in my gallery
I received a lot of happiness
What should I do in return

I’m always grateful
The flowers, letters, and illustrations are cute











I will be featured in MARQUEE-san Vol. 151 which will be released on 8/22 (Tuesday)
I’m featured with Ishimori Rika
Training camp’s C group ^^


10000 characters interview, I talked and talked until I thought I was talking too much


Please check it out






I will be featured in blt graph.-san vol. 93 which will be released on 8/31 (Thursday)



We did the shoot with
A really free and innocent feeling


I’m also looking forward to see
Which cuts will be shown to everyone

I’ll post the off-shots and talk about the behind the scenes story next time


Please check it out











Lastly, Miu-san’s monologue


I got bored of calling it random talk





It will be sweet potato’s season soon, won’t it?
Sweet potato-themed ice cream and snacks are coming out one after another

Really, I’m so excited



I told my father that I wanted all kinds of sweet potatoes
I said pleaーーse



I wonder he got it yetー








By the way, I went to the chocolate shop I mentioned in my previous blog again
I chose the same flavor

I’m not adventurous   so I keep choosing the same things







Peace peace






Nagi took this
Someone who always lend me a hand
Someone full of love




And recently Matono has been attached to me
She would ask if she can sit next to me
And I would say, sure

But she would fall asleep right away when she sits next to me
So I always just put on my earphones and blank out




That has been my daily life recently









I’m laughing with my teeth sticking out
In all of the photos I posted today
Looks like I was having fun


Rare, isn’t it?



I’m going to go to a festival with Odakura while wearing that yukata, so I’ll post the photos
Please wait for itー

I think somehow I often say   Please wait for it
Sorry for making you wait all the time   lol


Please wait for it







Tomorrow is Shizuki






See you





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