Kojima Nagisa   #nagisablog (2023.12.10)


I’m 18 years old Kojima Nagisa from Nagano


How have you been doing??


Even though it’s already December,
I haven’t seen the first snow yet


Feels kind of strange~


Even though winter is in full swing,
I haven’t been able to prepare anything for it, but I’ve seen several Christmas trees and lights this month alone ✨️

Oh my, I look so happy



Everyone, take care of your body
And let’s get through this year as well~










Thank you very much to everyone who came and everyone who watched the stream.



I’m thinking of looking back at the two days of the concert and the rehearsal period using some photos.



I hope you’ll read it until the end ☺︎



Habu-san’s graduation ceremony was held
The sparkly and cool costume
That only Habu-san could wear,
I’ll always admire it

I will always cherish
The words I received from Habu-san


Even though she might have decided to graduate already, she tried to get close to us third gens who just joined more than anyone else, noticing the slightest changes, paying a lot of attention to us, and she has always watched over us.

Habu-san is really kind, too kind even.
I want to grow a lot in our 4th year so that Habu-san can feel at ease.


I’ve already written this in Habu-san’s photobook, but I really love her


Once again, congratulations on your graduation

After the show, we made a certain promise
I want to turn 20 soon


With the flower I received during the surprise




My first time doing a stadium concert
My first time appearing from the audience seats
My first time being on a moving cart

I was really happy
Because we were able to meet each others’ eyes and because I could laugh together
With so many Buddies
In the big, big stadium


I’m glad that I was able to hit a lot of home runs

Did it reach you? ☺︎



“Omotta yori mo Sabishikunai”
Was my first time performing with the seniors since “BAN”, and I was really happy that I got to dance as a pair with Rina-san and [Kobayashi] Yui-san, and sing with everyone with smiles on our faces.
Both of their smiles were dazzling

The orange penlights were so pretty too



I’m happy that I got to talk with her a bit during the afterparty~
She ate a lot, so cute
Thank you very much
For posting a photo with me on your blog ☺︎



She has helped me a lot during this anniversary live period. She got rid of all my worries, I’m filled with gratitude.
Did you notice that the two of us made a heart during Kakushinteki Croissant,,!!?



Our seats were close in the waiting room, she always made the third gens laugh a lot
We also ate oden together
It became twice, no, three times more delicious



I was really happy when she came to me smiling and said
“I wanted to take a pic with Konnagi~”
Then I said “Me too~!!” and we took a pic together! Lol
So happy… Her ponytail look is the best…!



Hono-san 🧸
After the concert was over, when I was doing self-reflection by myself, Hono-san initiated a conversation with me and said “You did well during the concert~ what’s wrong?” She’s such a kind senior.
I’m happy that we got to take a pic together as the Honokko subunitー!! Thank you very much ☺︎
[T/N: A subunit made by Hono consisting of herself and her fans (Nagisa, Rika, Shizuki) from SokoSaku 158]



I was really happy that we were positioned next to each other during the MC. We were always together during the rehearsal, and she was really kind and she comforted us the third gens the whole time. I’m glad I could always be by her side for her first concert after her return.




MioAiri during the break
They stuck together the whole time


Reina~ 💖


Miu-chan 🎀

Yu-chan looking at the oden blissfully


Airi who was happy after eating her meal


[T/N: Acting cute in a calculating way] Cute…


This one is also azatoi and cute…

When I pointed the camera at her, I got to take so many pictures
I also have a video, so I’ll show you someday ☺︎ 


Mio-chan who looked too good with the varsity jacket
She looks cool as expected



Riko-chan 👶

At first, I just took her photos normally,
But the third gens around us said “Do an azatoi pose too!”
And she did the poses while saying
“Rii is bad at it!”
So cute~ ( ;;)







Through this anniversary live, I feel like I’ve gotten closer not just with Buddies, but also with the seniors.
Once again, I would like to convey my gratitude to everyone who was involved.
Thank you very much.

From now on, I’d like to fully savor the happiness of being able to do activities together and do my best for the year-end and the 4th year.



If you haven’t watched it, or if you want to watch it again,

◎ Repeat Stream
DAY.1:December 14th (Thu)
DAY2:December 15th (Fri)
Be sure to watch!



“Natsu no Chikamichi” MV costume after a long time

This was Yuzu and Nagi being fully excited.






Thank you for the congratulatory flowers!


Even though it’s short,
I wrote a message for each one.


I don’t get a chance to convey my thanks often,
So I hope you’ll read it ☺︎



I’m always thankful for your support ☺︎
Konnagi loves you too






Once again,

Thank you for the two days!!
I will never forget the scenery I saw during the third gen’s song, Mamoribito. I think I could only see such beautiful scenery from the stage only because Buddies were there

I love Buddies


I hope you’ll continue to
Walk alongside
Sakurazaka46, the third gens, and me


Please continue to give us your support in our 4th year as well



Happy 3rd anniversary
Thank you!




I think I’ll end it here today.
Thank you for reading up until this point ☺︎


Actually, the first two photos
Were taken around a year ago


Did my face look younger?
I really practiced taking selfies a lot, huh…
I felt a little nostalgic, so I posted them


To me from a year ago
I got to see worlds and sceneries I couldn’t even imagine a year ago, you know


It’s been a year, huh…
So fast!




Well then, bye bye~

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