Long time no see!! It’s Ten-chan!! (2024.03.06)

The !!! ← in the blog title, the number of it was decided by Karin~








It’s Ten!

Sorry I haven’t been updating for a while 😭









Our 8th single “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no Ka?”


has been released!!



Which costume do you like?





I’d be happy if you could love our 8th single as well!!












Kirin Gogo no Kocha



“The song of a warm milk tea amidst the cold

produced by imase”


Campaign song




I was able to appear in imase-san’s “Koigoromo” MV!




This time, I played the role of a high school student


who is practicing her clarinet


in preparation for a tournament with her brass band club.






The day of the MV filming was very cold,

I was really saved

by this warm Gogo no Kocha ✨







I was really nervous when filming the day of the tournament~~~!







It has always been a dream of mine to appear in an MV other than Sakurazaka46’s


so I was very happy about it!!!







By all means, please give it a look!!





Drink lots of Gogo no Kocha, okay!!









Recent pics~



Hono-chan ❤︎


She put the handwritten letter I wrote in her phone case~


Ain’t that too cute~!!!!!!!







Yui-san ❤︎


I will always, always, alllllllwayyysss love her.


Somehow it still feels like she’s still in the group

It’s weird, isn’t it? I feel that’s just how big the things that she has left for us in the group.

We have to protect it carefully



In “start over!”, we make a bed for Karin to lie on,

and I’m now filling in for Yui-san’s position in that part, but the power to get Karin up was completely gone with Yui-san’s disappearance


Yui-san really is amazing, huh… so I thought deeply with everyone.



I’ll work harder!!!





“BRODY April”


A special feature of Sakurazaka46’s songs of conviction




I think that this book is packed with Sakurazaka’s creativity!


I am very happy that the group

could be featured in this way again!!!


I also had some really cool pictures of me taken for it~



Be sure to give it a look!










Kouhaku day 🔴⚪️






I was able to serve as the cover and the main feature for “Weekly Shonen Magazine Vol. 12”!



We went to the beach and took a walk


It was a very, very fun photoshoot!!



By all means, please give it a look!!!

















Matono the Baby 👶🏻❤︎



So cute!











Cat 🐈‍⬛



The real miiguri was fun as well~!!!







I was given the chance to decorate the cover of “B.L.T.graduation2024 High School Graduation”!




Actually, I was given the chance to decorate the cover of”graduation2021 Middle School Graduation” as well…



I’m grateful!


When I graduated from middle school, no one in the group was my age,


but this time there’s Airi, Nagisa, and Riko!


The three of them are also featured in it~


I’m so happy~!!!


I’m happy to be able to graduate from high school with everyone!



I will no longer be a JK (high school girl) soon,


but don’t underestimate us JKs!! ☺️



By all means, please give it a look!!




Thank you very much for the tour performance in Fukuoka!!!




Next is Osaka!!



I’ll do my best! I’m excited for it!




Tell me the menu you got for the meal, aight! lol






Well then, let’s meet again in Osaka!!!!

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