Love it! 🐰 (2023.10.09)




It’s Nakashima Yuzuki.




Everyone, how are you?

I’m in such good spirits this morning~

TBS “Love it!”

I will be participating as a Love it! family member on Mondays for three months🐰❣️

Looking forward to your support.





Today is my first appearance!

I was really nervous~ 💧 but I had sooo much fun ^ ^


I was really, really happy that everyone at the studio was so kind and warm to me.

For these 3 months, I’d like to enjoy appearing in my favorite program while learning various things from these wonderful people 🐰




To be able to wish you a good and happy morning ☀️

Was one of my dreams.


Monday, the beginning of the week! I’ll do my utmost best to deliver cheerful smiles to everyone!


Thank you very much.












Also, I will be making an appearance in
“CDTV Live! Live!” tonight at 18:30~!

The first TV performance for “Shonin Yokkyu”! We will perform the whole song, so please watch it ☺︎



May today be a good day 🌻



See you


From Yuuzu

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