My first time celebrating the anniversary (2023.11.23)



Gooーdd morniーng ☀️ I am Yuuzu!





Everyone, how are you? I’m doing well!



The wind has gotten cold, hasn’t it. 

Let’s survive this extremely cold winter by staying warm 🐻‍❄️






Well then



Finally, the day after tomorrow is the anniversary live.

My heart is pounding so hard! What should I do!?

I can’t stop my heart rate from rising.



Since this is the first anniversary live for us third gens, I’m very excited.


Are there people who will be going to a Sakurazaka46 concert for the first timeー☺!?

Are there also people who have been going to all of our concertsー☺!?



For the people who are going to go, and the people who are going to watch the stream, I hope we can all enjoy it to our hearts’ extent 😌



And for those of you who are coming, please make yourselves verrrrrrrrry, very warm.



Let’s have fun together ⭐️








Thank you for the meet & greet!
It was fun ♪ Let’s talk again.








Have a nice day 🌻




See you


From Yuuzu

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