Sharing things that made my heart flutter (2023.11.22)


Good evening

I will tell you the story of each photo




Told us “Do your best for Shinzanmono”
And gave us gifts


In a cute bag decorated with dry flowers
There were items that are good for the skin and body


Not just Moriya-san
A lot of the seniors gave us loving messages
And gifts
I want to show them all to you


Sakurazaka is full of love, right



This was from the 3rd Tour,
When we first danced the same song with the same costume as the seniors

The seniors wore yellow
And the third gens wore orange


I wonder if the day when we get to wear the same color would come
It feels more comfortable wearing a different color for now
Saying that made me feel like I’m a spoiled kid, but

I want to wear a same-colored costume someday



The shooting for the Seijaku no Bouryoku music video

In a quiet gymnasium deep in the mountains,
We moved, sang, screamed, and shed tears just as how we felt, in a sense, it was a place where we could be free
If I could go back, I would


In the car on the way back,
We ate cheesecake together



This kind of ice cream
Where if you got lucky, you got one that is star-shaped like this, or heart-shaped
I almost always get it,
But maybe there is one in every pack?


If that’s true, it’s kind of embarrassing how I got so happy every time



My recent partner

Well, I’ve got a lot of partners, though








That’s all
I shared what made my heart flutter


Good night 

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