ONE🌸 (2021.12.09)

Good morning☀︎


Today marks the first anniversary of Sakurazaka46 since debut🌸


While it was an intense year
with each member having their own various thoughts,
by receiving the support of many people
we’ve somehow managed to move forward.


To everyone who has supported us,
walked together with us this past year
thank you so much!!



The 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE will be held today.


With feelings of gratitude for the past year,
we will all work together as one
to show you the growth of our group!!


And then,
for members Moriya Akane and Watanabe Rika
it will be their last concert.


I want to make it the best day for the two of them, who have worked hard together as friends and rivals for six years.


While fully taking on the opportunity of standing on stage together with these members myself,
I will do my best to make it a memorable stage,
for everyone to truly enjoy!



The second day will be broadcasted
so I really, really hope you’ll be there to see it😌


Let’s enjoy it together!!


I look forward to your support✨





I would like to talk about the meet & greet held on 11/28, 29😌


This time was also a two-day event,
and to see people of all gender and ages participate
I was very, very happy about it!!


Thank you very much for coming♪



This two-day event,
I was really happy to have so many people celebrating my birthday~♪


I was amazed at how everyone surprised me in many different ways!!


Drawing pictures and messages
preparing cakes and flowers
decorating your room,,,


I was able to receive a lot of love from you🎂



Starting from male fans,

I feel like international fans and female fans are also coming more than ever💭

I’m really happy about it!


“I got the tickets for ‘Curtains’🎫”
I was happy to hear many of you tell me that!!


Thanks to you,
I was able to spend the last two days of my 25-year-old life full of happiness.


I hope I could properly return it to you too!



I also changed clothes a lot!


I really like the colors of fall and winter clothes🤎



Umanjour and ponytail🐎



I brought Gelatoni-san with me🐾



A matching T-shirt I bought with Risa💜


T-shirts were cold this time of year!


Picture taken by manager-san.


If you look at it objectively,
doing ganbariki towards the computer is surreal, lol


There are four more meet & greets this month!

Please look forward to them~!

I’m looking forward to meeting you again♪



Well then, talk to you later!





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