One blog ago, while I was (2022.11.25)




One blog ago, while I was stuck in this gap

I was thinking and thinking about how to put my thoughts into words…

Before I knew it, I found myself stuck in this gap for almost 3 hours


That’s a true story






The pen I’ve been looking for all day was somehow tucked into a novel I’ve been reading lately


That was yesterday’s story




I thought I liked bagels just as bagels rather than bagel sandwiches with something in between


That’s today’s story




Ten-chan complimenting this issue of blt graph. is a happy story 
















We are featured on “blt graph.” vol. 84, which is on sale now✨

Moriya Rena is on the cover and Sugai Yuuka-san is also featured on the inside




I feel that the timing of making my mind up and the timing of my appearance in blt graph. always coincide



I always have the feeling that my vision becomes clearer through interviews

This time too, it became an important gravure for me 🫧


Please check it out!




I would be happy if you could read it along with Renaa’s interview~*







💎 I’m featured on the cover and beginning pages for “MARQUEE” vol.148, which is currently on sale!











I talked a lot about words that are important to me, things I love… and a lot more~


Please check it out✨




💎On November 30 (Wednesday), in the January issue of “BUBKA”

Sakurazaka46’s Tokyo Dome concert will be featured 🫧


I’ve shared my honest feelings in the interview!

I hope you’ll check it out!






See youー*


Ozono Rei 

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