Oze-san, Aoi-san, I’ll always love you (2022.08.22)

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From Shizuoka prefecture
I am Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho🐟🌻





W-Keyaki Fes✨

To everyone that came to the concert in person
And everyone who supported us through the live broadcast
Thank you!!

And with us having to reschedule the event,
Thank you so much to everyone who came back to the venue again.
And to those of you who could not make arrangements to come again,
I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.



Being able to reschedule the event at the same venue
is by no means something to take for granted,
but rather is thanks to the support of many people.
We were counting our blessings
as we performed the two days of the event!

My #1 favorite thing about performing outside
is that it’s where I can see the faces of all you Buddies
so incredibly clearly!✨

I’m so happy we could spend such a fun time together!



Many of the songs were performed in front of you guys for the first time too
How were they~?✨

Shakankyori was one of those performed for the first time!
Being able to feel the emotion build up toward the last chorus in a live performance was so fun!
I want to grow and get better and better at presenting Shakankyori to everyone each time I perform it!





Every outfit was so cute that I happy just by wearing them✨







And then there was the ceremony for the two that were graduating.



Seeing the two of them looking so dazzlingly cute and beautiful
wearing their dresses…

With the day of their graduations finally arriving
the realization was finally sinking in,

The unimaginable future had become reality
and I was filled with feelings of sadness.




I love how Oze-san’s eyes are so accepting.

I’m the type of person who can only say “I’m fine!” when asked if I’m alright,
but I could confide in Oze-san.

When I was sick with coronavirus she again asked me if I was alright
Despite replying that I was completely fine, she worried about me and called me right away
Of course I wasn’t really okay, and hearing Oze-san’s kind voice as I talked with her really helped me out.
I wondered if she has ESP.


Oze-san and I come from the same origin,
where she has Ozeki style, I have Onuma style,

I’d say “I share something with Oze-san~ I’m so happy~”
Having Oze-san with me, with all her kindness
was something that was always saving me.

Thank you so much
for all your kindness!





When I joined the group and was at my first concert rehearsal
the one who called out to me with “Poppo”
was Aoi-san!

In that moment, my body frozen with nervousness was touched by her warmth.

The fact that Aoi-san is so friendly was something that has always helped me out, and I was so happy that she talked to me often.

When I was talking to Aoi-san about how the Japan Fish Certification ended last year, she told me she was also thinking about taking it. The versatility she has in studying different fields is just too amazing.

I admire and love how Aoi-san is such a hard worker!

Thank you
for all your warmth!!



I want to become a senior like them.
I wish them both
a future full of happiness.
Thank you so much for everything so far!
I’ll love you both forever and ever🌈








Pictures with the members~✨


Matsuri-chan’s sun-like smile always cheers me up~



I love the time I spend casually chatting with Rina-san, it’s soothing~





“W” with Rena♡Rock-Paper-Scissors is coming soon huh✨














With Kirazou~☺︎☺︎








I’ll never forget
this time I could spend with Buddies.



I want to raise my dance and expression skills much much more
to show everyone how I’ve grown during the tour! I’ll do my very best!!





Thank you for reading until the end!





Also starting tonight at 20:05 JST~

Sakura Hinata Lotti no Nobishiro Radio🌱

I’ll be learning to tell riddles with Kirazou!!✨
Be sure to tune in~!





See ya







You’ve been caught in a 48cm deep swamp


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