To everyone that I love (2022.08.22)

Good evening, everyone πŸŒ™


Are you well?



I wrote a blog because there is something important
that I want to convey to all of you, cherished people who have always been supporting me.


It will be a slightly long one
but I’d be happy if you could read it until the end.





I, Sugai Yuuka, will be graduating after the end of 2022 Tour Arena Finale.


It’s a decision that I took after a lot of consideration, a positive graduation!




To be honest, the plan was to inform you of my graduation,
and then made the preparations for that first day of the album’s meet and greet.



But we had to postpone “W-KEYAKI FES.2022”.


And so the plan changed to announcing it at a later time than planned,
after properly sending off Ozeki and Aoi who are graduating with this concert.



It pains me being unable to inform you about it earlier, I’m sorry.






When taking a moment to look back at our activities so far,


exactly 7 years ago
21st August 2015
I was selected to be Keyakizaka46’s 1st generation member.



And since then I have experienced an eventful idol life
as if I’ve been dreaming of a long dream!





Ever since I was a child, I’ve been troubled with how clumsy I am.


When I was thinking about the future,
I wished that even someone like me can be a source of strength for someone
that I can find the reason why I was born
and with those thoughts I auditioned.



In the world I boldly take a plunge into,
I have had many unforgettable and valuable experiences in my life.


I’m very grateful to have been able to work in a blessed environment
which is also thanks to the presence of my great senior, Nogizaka46-san.





One of my joys is being able to meet so many memorable and wonderful songs.


Our debut song “Silent Majority”
encouraged even me.






And being able to meet the people I wouldn’t meet had I not chosen this path.



The Buddies who are supporting me,
the staff members who support me enthusiastically day to day,
the many people I have met through work,
the seniors that I admire, the Hinatazaka46 members who became my friends as Hiragana Keyaki,
and the irreplaceable members of Keyakizaka46, Sakurazaka46…


The countless connections I have made are my precious, cherished treasure.




For all the many happy things,
there are also many trials and shocking events,
things that are beyond my control rush in one after another
and there were times when it became difficult to continue my activities.


To fulfill my responsibilities as a captain
sometimes I felt lonely and helpless,
and I hated myself many times over.



And at times like that, having everyone who accepted me as I am, who shared the moments of joy and frustration together with me feels truly very reassuring…


Your presence turned into confidence one day,
it turned into an irreplaceable driving force.



Experiences that wrench my heart just by remembering about it,
I am sure that it was all also a necessary lesson.



I may not have been a captain that everyone acknowledged as a captain,
but I have done what I think is best in each case
after considering it.



I’d like to convey much gratitude
to those of you who believed and followed me,
to the members who have walked together with me.



I hope that through my activities as a member of Keyakizaka46, Sakurazaka46,
I can be someone’s hope, even for just a little.








The reason I was able to make the decision to graduate is because
the presence of the 1st generation members, the comrade-in-arms that I trust,
and feeling the growth of the cute and reliable 2nd generation members,
I felt that I can be assured and entrust the future of the group to them.




And as an individual,
I began to think that I wanted to live honestly to myself in my own way again,
while cherishing the experiences I had so far.



It doesn’t mean that I have no worries about this new challenge.


But just like with Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46,、
I believe that new and fun worlds and possibilities unfold
in the places where you think it takes courage.



I’d like to spend more time facing myself from now on
to do a lot of experiences and challenges I have never done before
as I encounter things I never imagined and make fresh discoveries, I want to become a mature person with a rich mind.


And I’d also like to make my own way to be able to do activities that can deliver deep emotions and strength to someone.


I will give it my best so that I can meet you all again in some way in the future!


Even if I am alone, I am sure that– just like Sakurazaka’s song,
it shouldn’t be as lonely as I thought.






There are about 2 more months until my graduation day.



I am here today thanks to the support of many people,
including my family who has always supported me at any time.


From here on, I’d like to make it a moment to express my gratitude
to not just those who are with me now,
but also to all the people who have brought me this far.



We will be touring six cities in our national tour that starts in September!


In each city, I will give it my best to perform with a feeling full of gratitude while seeing your faces.


I’d be happy if we could spend an unforgettable time together.




And my last stage will be at Tokyo Dome, a place which is my dream to stand there together with everyone again as Sakurazaka46,
I am truly so grateful and happy!



While expressing my gratitude to all the people who have made it possible for us to stand there,
I’d like to make the preparations so that I can give the performance that is the culmination of my seven years [of activity] with my beloved members!!


As the tour finale,
I hope to make it into a concert where you can look forward to Sakurazaka’s future,
so I’d be happy if as many people as possible could witness it 🌸




And as I wanted to be able to directly express my gratitude to everyone who has greatly supported me,
it’s been decided that an additional meet & greet will be held!


I’m sorry for burdening you,
but I’d be happy if you could come and talk with me ☺︎


I will let you know once the details are finalized.





I want to help the group as much as I can until my final moment as Sakurazaka46’s Sugai Yuuka.


I will be spending each day with care, with all my heart,
so I’d be happy if you could continue to watch over me.


Please continue your support for Sakurazaka46!




It has become a long one,
but thank you very much for reading until the end.





Sugai Yuuka



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