Peach (2022.08.17)




I was finally able to eat peaches
this summer~


Peach (2022.08.17)



It was delicious! 🍑💓




I like fruits that have a lot of liquid inside.



During summer,
you end up wanting to get liquid from meals too 🍅🥒



Refreshing and light.





That’s how it felt!







Today Wednesday, August 17th, starting at 20:00
I will make an appearance in



the Asahi TV’s variety show “Cream Quiz Miracle 9”!



Appearing in Miracle 9 after such a long time,
I was so nervous 😵💗



Please watch it by all means (。・ω・。)ノ





The collaboration with Lawson
has started 🏪!


And I already found Hono~~




Everyone too,
please go visit your nearest
Lawson store by all means ‪‪☺︎



I’ll be waiting










Today, it’s been exactly one year since the release
of my photo book “Ippome (one step)”.






Sometimes I suddenly feel like I want to read it again,
and each time I do, it feels like traveling back in time 🕰📖




Through this photo book,
there were people I met, places that I visited,
situations that I was able to experience,
special emotions and kindness that I felt.


Everything is still a precious memory and also a treasure for me.




And this is how I was able to leave something tangible behind.




It makes me really happy ☺️


From now on,
I continue to look forward to your support.











The festival finally begins
the day after tomorrow…!


I’m excited



I’ll do my best.
Thank you very much for your support 🗻





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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