Plum (2023.03.08)





Today is SO warm ☺︎



I came across plum blossoms

so I felt the change of seasons.





At this time when the temperature rises a bit,


there’s also the excitement of a new school term,


uniforms and club activities’ jerseys become lighter,

and the smell of summer school gymnasiums come,


when I first joined the group,

there were times during live rehearsal with the seniors,

that I was so nervous that I would tremble,




It was a period where I would feel particularly

anxious, nervous and with a bit of anticipation


Even until now, when this time comes,

with the temperature and the smell,

I vividly remember every year about those times.





It’s so nostalgic~.

These are very radiant memories~.

They really look to me that way now.



I hope that this year I can also create times

that I can look back upon in this manner…










Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023”

It’s been decided that

the tour will be held in spring this year 🌸‪‪☺︎



Plum (2023.03.08)



The official advance ticket pre-order sales

will be available until today.




I could also feel the temperature rising,

so I am looking forward to the tour even more!



It looks like it’s going to be a hot concert. 😼








This will be the last tour where we can visit different places

together with Yumi-chan.



I’m really happy that we were able

to go to different places like this until the end.




I will make lots and lots of memories

with the Buddies, with Yumi-chan and everyone~








And in this tour,

the 3rd generation members will be with us as well ☺️



Murayama Miu-chan ‪‪☺︎


During the meet & greet sessions,

she came to take a picture~! I was so happy~!





I also had the opportunity to go

to the  3rd generation’s omotenashikai,

everyone was really cool and cute,

they were shining.





With a Sakurazaka that became even more stronger

by working hard and joining forces together

we’ll do our best so we can meet the Buddies, so please look forward to it~!











And then.


From last week’s sokosaku,

the 3rd generation members have appeared!


Last week,

I had the opportunity to introduce

Ishimori Rika-chan 🌷


She told us about the things she likes…


Looking at her doing her best to come here and talk to us

was so cute, it made me happy.




It looks like the 3rd generation members have also started with their blogs!

Please look forward to it~










Well then,

I think there’s also many people

who are affected by pollen,

so let’s overcome it together (´・_・`)🤧



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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