Nice to meet you. I’m Ishimori Rika. (2023.03.07)

Nice to meet you, everyone.


From Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation
I’m Ishimori Rika.
I’m looking forward to working with you.



Finally, the 3rd generation’s blog relay has started!
I’m very glad!
I’m so excited…


We just had Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation “Omotenashikai” on March 4th and 5th and

I am writing this blog still buzzing with excitement
But first, let me introduce myself. 🌝



Name : Ishimori Rika

Date of birth : January 13, 2002

Personality : Does things at my own pace, negative, likes to be alone

Strengths : I can remember everyone’s faces

Weakness : Sleeps late

Hobbies : Cooking, reading, anime

Anime that I like include JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Haikyuu!!, Shingeki no Kyojin, etc. ☺︎

Penlight colors : Green and pink

(There is also meaning behind this ☺︎)




It’s like that…

If I start writing I can’t stop, and that would be troublesome,
So let me finish here for today.
I’ll write in more detail another time♩




And, and…



Thank you very much
for Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation “Omotenashikai”

I wonder if we were able to be hospitable to everyone…


I’m reeeaaallly looking forward
to the day I can meet you all…♡


From the arena seats to the 4th floor,
everyone’s faces are burned in my memory.

I will never forget that view.


For the 2 minutes show, I made omurice!
I hope you enjoyed it…
I could clearly hear everyone’s voices ☺︎
Thank you very much for making it so much fun 🤭




I was so happy when I found my oshimen towel and penlight colors in the crowd

I could see them clearly
Thank you so much



I was so happy to be able to see you all off and get close to you ☺︎
The uchiwas and sign boards are burned in my memory
Thank you very much.









And, BAN, which has been watching over us since the documentary


“Didn’t we have a lot of time?”


The protagonist of BAN is lazy, much like myself.

That line was one that could be taken as a statement on myself.
I conveyed it with the feelings I have towards myself as well.
How was it………?

I’d be happy if the message was conveyed.











From the beginning to the end of the Omotenashikai
We all did a lot of preparation and worked hard ( ¨̮ )


Thanks to our great seniors,

And thanks to all the Buddies who have been supporting Sakurazaka46,

We were able to hold the Omotenashikai like this.


Thank you very much.





I talked about this after BAN, but
everyone’s power is really, really great

I love meet and greets,
it’s the #1 thing I wanted to do upon becoming an idol.

It was so much fun to actually do it…

The words that you all have said to me have really touched my heart.

Every day I think about how
I can’t wait for the next meet and greet to come🫣


I can’t wait to talk to you

I want to gain power from all of you


I hope that I can give you power too

I hope I can be your daily nourishment

I hope I can contribute to the 3rd generation

I hope I can contribute to Sakurazaka46

I will do my best from now on, so
thank you for your support.




And on March 5th,
we made our first appearance
on Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?

I wonder if you watched it…


I was so nervous that I almost cried
but somehow I persevered…

The member who introduced me,
was my favorite member, Tamura-san
She is really kind. Thank you very much.
I’ve gone to her handshake event, but
I was surprised to be introduced by her on the program. I’m so happy.


It seems that the show is being restreamed on GYAO!,
I’m embarrassed to say this,
but if you’d like to see it
please watch our first appearance. ☺︎




That’s all for today…
One last photo…







Thank you very much for reading this far.
Please look forward to the next time


∠( ˙-˙  )/





Tomorrow is Endo Riko-chan’s turn

She is everyone’s official baby 👶

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