Scarf (2023.03.05)




Thank you so much for TGC 👗💞


Scarf (2023.03.05)



I had the opportunity to walk in the







Since it was a Spring/Summer collection,

I was wearing a white mini one-piece dress

paired with denim jacket

and western boots.



The scarf was cute too~.






On the runway,

the hair and make-up are completely different from usual

so it’s got to be fresh ~ the make-up artist

always says this while working on it 😳





I wonder how was it~?





They also made my nails

extremely cute.




I love it when it’s sparkling~















The stage where Yuipon-san was participating was close to mine,

so it made me happy that she stayed

with me until the very last minute… (´・_・`)



When I felt anxious

while I was by myself,

I went to search for

Yuipon-san, for the manager

and the make-up artist too. LOL




When I’m by myself,

I often wonder which direction should I look at 😞 LOL










I was nervous too but

when I got up on the stage,

I saw lots of uchiwa fans and heard cheers too,

so it made me happy.


I’m also very grateful to everyone

who watched the live broadcast!







Let’s enjoy the

spring and summer fashion ☺︎




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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