Untitled (2023.03.03)

“Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage”



The title of the photo book has been decided 🫧




I am made up of both light and shadow,

I can never be only one or the other
The proportions never change



It’s really half and half




I don’t get carried away when things are good,
I don’t get depressed when things are bad…


Like there is always a light in half and a shadow in the other half


That’s the title that describes me



I also received an obi comment from Akimoto Yasushi-sensei
Thank you very much

I want to be a person who sparkles in both in the light and shadows*






Regular cover










Kinokuniya limited edition cover










HMV&BOOKS limited edition cover










Rakuten Books limited edition cover






There are 4 types of covers!
I wrote the title’s text myself✨







Let me know again which one is your favorite〜*



I love them all ♡








Enjoy everyday from here on out〜🕊

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