Woof-woof (2023.03.03)





Thank you very much for
the AEON CARD Live 🐶🌟


Woof-woof (2023.03.03)



The first half was the talk portion and
Akiho-chan and Kira-chan
served as the MCs 👭🏻♡




It was very fun~





And then, Akiho-chan
performed a new numa song!



She filled the numa song
with our feelings toward AEON CARD,
so I felt really moved. 🥲



Once again,
during the name change and the corona period,
where we couldn’t move even if we wanted to,
and when I was full of anxiety
wondering if everything would be lost,


AEON CARD always
saved us.




Just like it said in the numa song
“I will spend my whole Sakurazaka life repaying this debt of gratitude”
I really want to do my best with
this thought in mind.





And starting with this concert,
we can now hear
the voices of the Buddies!



I’m really looking forward to
what kind of concerts we will create from now on
together with the Buddies ☺️








I’m also very excited that the tour has been decided.
I am looking forward to it!









Some photos from the meet & greet sessions~






The is a pure white ribbon that
Mii-chan lent to me 🎀☁




To those who noticed the ribbon

I proudly said

“Mii-chan lent it to me!” ✌︎








This is a lace ribbon created by
our make-up artist 🎀🐈‍⬛






It was a day full of ribbons~.












I made an appearance on

“Chidori no Kuse ga Sugoi Neta GP”


It made me very happy that
Nobu-san was wearing
the Sakurazaka uniform. 🙇


It was so much fun~


Thank you very much!







On March 7th (Tuesday) starting from 19:00
I will make an appearance on


“Senzai Noryoku Test”

Spring’s Disney 2 Hour Special 🏰💭


Please watch it by all means ☺︎








Tomorrow I will make an appearance
on TGC.



There will be a live broadcast too!


For those who are coming to the venue,
please be careful.



I wonder if I will be able to find you~
I hope I can find you~


I will be waiting 🧸





See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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