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I welcomed a record into my home





I like the jacket illustration,

and gaze at it





I don’t have a record player so



Shooby doo bop〜





Sakurazaka46 is featured in the current issue of “BRODY”!
There are a lot of interviews with the members and other people involved!
I was featured in the gravure sectionー*




At the record store we went to for the shoot, I learned the word “digging” 🎧










Please check it out!







The other day was the Aeon Card Live!!
Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who watched the stream!


As Sakurazaka, it was the first time for us to hear the voices of all Buddies… I was very touched 🫧

It reached us well, I’m happy*



We will be touring in the spring,
so I would like to think together about the calls and shouts for each songー!!





Numa song was amazing! 🐶









Thank you very much for the meet and greets as well!
Sharing your thoughts on the music video, congratulating me on the photo book… Thank you for sharing your thoughts directly with me

I look forward to seeing you again at the meet and greets in March*

















From Risa-san’s Gradcon DVD event!
Looking back with everyone, it was nostalgic

I hope we can do this kind of event again〜





🤍March 1 (Wednesday)
8:00〜 on “Love it!”
I will appear on the VTR of “Cotton-san’s Karademi Award”!

We enjoyed deliciously spicy food! 🌶




Last week, we all gave a surprise performance of “Sakurazuki” on Thursday where Renaa appeared✨

It was great to be able to go back to the studio again! Thank you 🐰







Kira-chan will be in the studio!!


Please watch〜*






Ozono Rei

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