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Thank you very much for opening my blog.


The one in charge for today’s 3rd gen blog is Ishimori Rika. ♩




Is there anyone who has been waiting for 10 days〜?
If there is,
I would be very, very happy


( ੭ ˙˙ )੭





10 days of work, school, part-time jobs, etc…
Thank you for your hard work


Everyone who did their best
You’re really great ( T_T)\(T_T )


Whenever you can take a rest
Please take it slow〜




📸 on the day of Natsu no Chikamichi music video filming
I tried drawing a heart on the blackboard〜






I wrote “school” but
I guess it’s spring break now
Oh, actually I think it just ended!


How is the new academic year going〜?
I think it is a time of many changes in people’s environments

I’m the type that’s not good at transitioning into a new academic year…
If there is anyone who says that they are not good at it either
Let’s work hard together ☺︎

I’m sure there will be a day when we can overcome it…!







For the title of today’s blog


I love the dim scenery outside
When the sun is going down

“I really love this momentー!”

Sometimes the brightness makes me say that!


Though the time changes with the season
But recently
It’s always been 6:03 pm




The orange and light blue seem to mix together
very nicely…!


I wanted to show you all,
I took a picture as soon as I saw how beautiful it was〜 ☺︎



If you would like to see it,
please look up at the sky at around 6:00 pm

I might be looking at the same sky somewhere too!









On April 6th
it was the 7th anniversary of the 1st gen’s debut!
Congratulations 🎊


Because nothing is eternal
Being idols for 7 years
I am filled with gratitude

Thank you for the courage and hope you give me every day!




The first time I saw the 1st gen in person was at
Keyaki Republic in 2018

I was so impressed that they existed
I was so busy following them with my eyes
I remember I couldn’t do any calls 🫣


From there, I participated in handshakes, tours, and dome
(There was even a time when I dressed up in costume…)

Being able to directly say
happy 7th anniversary of your debut
I still can’t get used to this reality


Really, really!
So kind, so cute, so cool…
Too wonderful!!!

I will forever admire my seniors!
I love you









The first song for the 3rd gen
“Natsu no Chikamichi” MV
has surpassed 2 million views…!

Full bloom〜🌸

Thank you so much.
I am very, very happy😊


Summer…? Shortcut…?
The name of the song is a mixture of two things that don’t seem to mix
Just by listening to the song, you’ll find it’s very fresh and sparkling
When you read the lyrics, it’s a frustrating love story
The dance is strong and elegant

When everything is combined
it becomes a very beautiful and fleeting piece of music
I like that it can be interpreted in many different ways

I hope this song will be loved by many people in the future

It also makes me want to listen to it regularly
and watch the music video〜🫣









With this,
I’ll end today’s blog!




I tried my best
to arrange my hair…
How do you like it…?



I tried to do it just by watching and imitating others〜


I also want to try putting my hair into ponytail so
I’ll do my best to arrange my hair in various ways again☺︎








We tend to say and use the words “do your best”.
It sounds easy, but it is very difficult,

I guess that’s why it touches my heart
when I see people working hard…






Every day I feel and experience many things.
Because there are people who support me
I can do my best.
It is my daily energy!
Thank you very much



Let’s all do our best for another 10 days!

Although we don’t have many chances to talk these days
I’m thinking of you every day!



See you in 11 days!


Tomorrow is Riko👶♡




This was Rika〜
See you〜〜






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