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Well, well〜



It’s 10 days until the release
of my first photo book “Hanbun Hikari, Hanbun Kage”




So, even on my blog


I’m going to post a lot of off-shots 📷






I’d be happy you could be excited with me 🫧










Enjoy everyday looking at this as wellー!




And and tonight


April 8, Saturday, from 0:30
TV Asahi “Asa Meshi Made”

I’ll be appearing on the show 🍙



For people who start work when everyone else is sleeping and end their shift in the morning, what kind of breakfast do they eat after work?


You can learn that this kind of job exists


I’m glad because it’s a program I watch*
Please watch it!



See you tomorrowー*




Ozono Rei

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