I wanted to expand my vocab so I bought a novel but it’s been 4 months and I still haven’t finished reading it. I told myself it’s fine to take my time reading it but I already forgot the beginning of the story… (2023.04.08)





I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto



Thank you very much for opening this blog

It’s been a while
I wonder how long 11 days feels?
I wrote this blog today
while wondering
if anyone has been waiting for it



I uploaded this picture
wondering if anyone
will see it and think
“Hey, she’s sleeping…”
I’m excited to find out




3rd TOUR 2023
is approaching, isn’t it~
This will be 3rd generation members’ first tour
We’ve been putting our all into our rehearsals that have been so highly praised
I’m so nervous…



The tour finale will be held in Osaka
It’s in Kansai, my hometown                    So happy
My recommendations are takoyaki and kushikatsu, I guess lol
It’s a typical recommendation, but please do eat them ︎︎٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و



And it will be our first time meeting face-to-face
since Omotenashikai
And I’m sure that there must be
a lot of people that I will meet for the first time~
I really look forward
to meeting all of you


I really look forward to
eating ramen in Fukuoka…




The other day, I was able to come and watch both days of
Hinatazaka46-san’s “4th Hinatansai” at Yokohama Stadium


Hinatazaka46-san         and everyone in Ohisama,
congratulations on your 4th anniversary

Chinmoku ga Ai nara
Senkou Hanabi ga Kieru made
Happy Aura


Nnnn~ It was so much fun
Yamashita couldn’t help but get hyped up
Waving the lightsticks around is, after all,
so fun…


It was awesome
Thank you very much
for the very wonderful time

I need to work even harder
to be like our seniors
I’ll do my best on the tour~





I’m the type of person that,
when I like something,
I will repeat it until I get tired of it


Whether it is food
or music

that makes me a pretty boring person…
Every day I’ll talk about whatever it is
so that people can learn more about it ☺︎


I was able to receive a second batch of letters
And there were a lot of people
who wrote questions for me…
I think I’ll start answering them starting from my next blog


Please wait for it




Mio took a picture of herself with bob-like hair
It makes me jealous…
so I tried doing the same
The peace sign is Mio



I didn’t cut it~
By the way, I’ve had my hair short
I’ve had it long
I’ve tried out all sorts of different lengths
so it doesn’t feel weird to me at all…



And with that information
I bring today’s blog to an end



Thank you very much for reading until the end




Tomorrow is Rika’s
there is this particular place
that she wants to take me to…
Take me there~ 🧸




Bye by~e *˙︶˙*)ノ”


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