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I’m Murayama Miu who has recently been enjoying listening to music while commuting by car



Good morning
Everyone, have you been spending your days full of smiles? Have you been doing well?









When I looked back on my first and second blog

The first one was mostly about food,
And the second one was mostly about Natsu no Chikamichi, huh




I noticed that I haven’t really talked about myself
Personally, I don’t fully understand what kind of person I am either, but I’ll try to dig deep and write something



If you want to know more about Miu-chan, please continue reading






Lately, I’ve been searching for a person and place to feel “at home” with

I thought my own home would be the most comfortable place, but unexpectedly I find myself restless and I end up wandering aimlessly at night


Strolling around while listening to some music




A cherry tree whose blossoms have fallen







When I feel comfortable with someone, I’ll be next to them even if I’m not doing anything with them

I don’t have anything to say to them in particular, so after I calm down I just leave again without saying a word



Sometimes I feel like coming and going without saying anything might be rude, so in those cases, I quietly give them snacks and then leave

Usually it’s rice crackers










I like people who seem like they can live by themselves, people who suit the word “strong”
I naturally came to think that I want to be like them too


I want to do my activities with a strong sense of conviction









By the way,
For ice cream, I’m on team chocolate


Definitely chocolate


Sometimes strawberry, but really rarely



On the way home after one of our shoots, I ran with the manager to get chocolate ice cream

Eating ice cream after running, it tasted really good



I have one more story about food

I discovered croissants with soybean powder topping
Even though my black clothes got covered with the soybean powder, I was happy because it tasted really good


Please try eating it
It’s so good that you can’t help but smile










No matter what, it ended up being a laid back blog again
I want to make it more concise 
It has to be better structured, right?





What should I talk about next time
Look forward to it

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