pm19:06🌙    Ishimori Rika (2023.07.28)






Good evening 🌛




Everyone, everyday, thank you for your hard work

Work, school, club activities, part-time jobs, etc…
You are an amazing person who was able to do their best for 10 days!



I’ll send
the “Good Job” Award and
the “Rest Your Body and Mind” Award to you!



Everyday it’s hot and energy draining, but
please don’t overdo it (´・ ・`)





Right now, the time is 1:12 AM
I’m not really aware of what it is, but night seems to make me want to write my blog

I also read a looot of your letters today〜.!
Thank you so much for everything
I always read them with a big smile on my face〜
Sometimes I read them with tears in my eyes (I’m crying from happiness)

I plan to answer a lot of questions today,
so I hope you will read until the end 🧸











From the nostalgic calendar shoot!




Reina-chan touched me
You can see the happiness on my face

July 25th was Reina-chan’s birthday, wasn’t it 〜?
Happy birthday 🌝



I ask Reina-chan to come over to the catering table and eat with me,
I run up to Reina-chan when I see her walking
I feel so comfortable and at ease,
I find myself smiling a lot when I’m with Reina,
We have a lot of fun


I’ve never told Reina about these things before
I wonder if she’ll be surprised if she reads this blog… lol



Let’s make it a great yearー!
I love youー!











The 3rd gen also participated in the


It was the first time for us to participate in a music festival with our seniors, representing Sakurazaka46, so I was very nervous
It was a very valuable experience for me
Thank you very much.!




Performing Natsu no Chikamichi under the blue sky, in a luxurious space, where everyone’s voices can be heard directly,,

Pya〜〜,, It was so much fun






Sakurazaka’s 3rd generation will perform at
which will be held on August 7 (Mon).!


I am very happy that the 3rd generation will perform at the event
We will do our very best!











“I’ll answer your questions” corner ❕




Q Did you come up with the choreography in the part after BAN’s “the noodle got soggy” yourself?

That’s right 〜︎☺︎
I tried to change the choreography between the omotenashikai and the tour
I’m glad to hear so many people say they like it.!



Q: Rika-chan, when you watch your favorite member perform, do you prefer to watch closely with binoculars, or do calls to make it more exciting〜?

I’m the type to completely watch with binoculars!
If I was seated where I could see the members without binoculars, I would watch them with my own eyes, not even cheering, just reeeally burning the view of the member-san into my memory〜



Q Do you think it would be easier for Rika-chan to recognize me at the real meet and greet if I had a name tag or something?

I think you might be wearing a mask, so it might be easier to recognize you with a name tag!
Waa〜〜 I’m looking forward to meeting you〜〜( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝ )♡



Q Is there anything you would like to do on Sakurazaka Channel (YouTube)?

I have some〜〜❕
If I could do something, I’d like to do a basketball or other physical activity video, I also want to shoot a video related to cooking,,!

Also, there are many 3rd gen members who can eat a lot, so I’d like to do an eating contest video too!!
I want to be the host because I would like to watch from close by!
I hope it comes true〜(´・ ・`)



Q Rika-chan, are you the type of person who can go out and do things alone?

Yes! I’m very good at it!
I don’t mind being alone ☺︎



Q Do you usually tie your hair up?

I tie up my hair a lot〜!
My hair is so healthy that it gets poofy if I don’t hold it down, so I basically tie it up except when I’m at work
It’s always half-up!

I wore it half-up at the OSAKA GIGANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL〜☺︎
I also wore it half-up for the music video of “Seijaku no Bouryoku”

I’ll try different hairstyles when I get the chance
What kind of hair style does everyone like〜? I’m curious!



Q: Congratulations on your first solo gravure! Did having photoshoots and acting with improv on Sokosaku give you any goals for what you would like to do in the future?

Thank you〜☺️
While experiencing a lot of different things, I was able to make goals for what I want to try ☺︎

I also had the opportunity to watch “The Hidden Fortress” which stars Kobayashi Yui-san,
Words can’t express how impressed I was,, it was so cool,,
And the story was really interesting!
I thought the people standing on stage were cool too〜

I’ll work harder,
I want to be able to talk about my goals
I’ll talk a lot at the meet and greet.!






That’s what today’s question corner is like

I copied the questions in the exact way you wrote in your letter, so if you think, “Is this my question?”
it should be your question.! ☺︎

I’m so happy to be able to feel like I’m chatting with you〜〜
In everyone’s letters, you say that Rika-chan is your energy, but I am energized by your feelings
I can do my best knowing that there are people who love and support me


We are under the same sky and walking on the same ground
This means that we are almost together〜〜

Thank you so much











Meet and greet is tomorrow!!
I’m looking forward to it〜〜


I’m thinking of being a cat tomorrow or the day after (just with a headband)

I’m also wondering what to wear on the day of the real meet and greetー!
Should I wear my plain clothes? or should I try on a yukata or something since it’s summer?
I don’t know if I’ll wear it at the real meet and greet or the online meet and greet, but I’m definitely going to wear it at one of them 💡





That’s all for todayー


Ah, today’s title, pm19:06
It’s the time when it becomes my favorite amount of darkness these days ⏱


I often walk with Yuzu
At this time of night, I always say, “I love how dark it is nowー!”
and she always laughs at me because I say that
But I’m sure Yuzu will come to like this darkness too 🤫





Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn ₍ᐢ‥ᐢ₎ ♡





See you








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