Pyon (2023.01.19)

I know it’s a bit late but…


Happy New Year🎍


Pyon (2023.01.19)


I’m counting on your support during this year too.









I sent a lot of messages

through the Message App but,

as this is my first blog post of the year


I’ll share some photos and look back on each of them 📸





The end of year




I was very grateful to be able to perform

in such a huge festival like this

during the end of the year…



I could feel the passion directly from all the visitors

It was sooo much fun ☺️🎶



I also found a lot of Buddies too~

It made me really happy~






The beginning of the year




We had the opportunity to perform “Samidare Yo” ☁️



I was grateful for

being able to perform like this

as soon as the 2023 began.



Buddies, were you awake~? ☺︎







“Warai da ne” 🎍


We had the chance to have a talk with

Uchimura-san and Summers-san,

it was a very valuable opportunity

and I was also nervous but

the recording was nothing but a fun memory.


I was able to watch the broadcast from my family home.


Ah, it was so much fun. ☺️








New Year

I had New Year dishes and zoni

I also tried making meatloaf…


I also sent the cooking video

in the message app 😶‍🌫️







I went to the Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture 🦐


My fortune slip was good luck








I was able to see him after a long time🐶










With this kind of feeling~





Let’s enjoy 2023~!



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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