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I once tried to think about why I think beautiful things are beautiful


I came to the conclusion that it is beautiful because nothing is wasted



By cutting down

or adding only what is necessary



Each person has their own sense of values about what is necessary and what is useless

What is considered beautiful is also up to each person in the end



It’s beautiful because nothing is wasted 



The photographer said the same thing

“Ah, I think so too”, was the conversation I had with them





It happened during the photo shoot for “Weekly Shonen Magazine”


I was on the cover and the front pages ✨

It’s on sale now!



I was happy to be able to see the same team as last time again so soon〜*


They made me laugh a lot,

Time always flies by so fast…


To everyone who picked up a copy of the magazine, applied for the polaroid photos, and filled out the questionnaire at the end of the magazine…

It’s thanks to all of you that I’m on the cover!

Thank you very much*






In 2023, remove what you think you don’t need

and take in what you think you need


I want the seen and unseen to be beautiful 





🤍I appeared on “Saikyou no Jikanwari”!

It’s a TVer original program where we take a class with a teacher who is an expert in their field!


Globe-trotter Travel Guidebook Editor-in-chief Miyata Takashi-san


I read “Mysterious Power Spots 500” at home 🌏

I would like to visit those places with this book someday


Short Shorts Writer Tamaru Masatomo-san


We actually tried making up a short story in class!

I learned a lot about how to come up with ideas


Please check it out〜〜





🤍Tonight, Sunday, January 22, from 21:55

TV Asahi “Cream Nantara”

I will appear with Kobayashi Yui-san, Inoue Rina, and Takemoto Yui✨


We were instructed remotely by comedians to record a fake show by ourselves, but not really ourselves〜*


I think you will be able to see the 4 of us like you have never seen before, so please do!!




🤍Tomorrow, Monday, January 23, from 20:05

“Sakura Hinata Rocchi no Nobishiro Radio”

I will be appearing on the show with Koike Minami-san✨

Please listen!





🤍The 3rd generation members’ documentary is also available on Sakurazaka46’s official YouTube channel!


The appearance of the 3rd generation working so hard with their straight eyes, it makes me think that I, myself, should not forget my original intentions*


The vlogs of each member’s self-introduction are also very cute… I embraced them with all my heart 🫧

Everyone, please check them out!







I will be the center of the coupling song of this 5th single, “Sakurazuki”



To the members and staff who support me

To all the Buddies who support me


I would like to thank all the people who are involved in this project


I will work wholeheartedly to grow even more

Please look forward to it 🫧






Also, thanks to all of you who applied to the meet and greet!


I’m happy I’m able to report that I’m happy for all of you who support me…


I’m very much looking forward to talking to you〜*




Ozono Rei

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