Rain (2022.02.16)






I talked about all sorts of different topics
with Miichan in the currently released Sakumimi #123~ 🐩
Please listen to it☺︎










On SokoSaku the other day,
the formation for 4th single has been announced.


In the first single, from the beginning, I thoroughly faced myself
In the second single, I kept moving without losing to my feelings of frustration
In the third single, I was glad that I didn’t quit, that I never stopped, and met a new side of myself

In the fourth single, there is a new feeling that I never felt before. The moment my name was called, I realized that over the past year, my feelings and the way I perceive things have greatly changed.

Right now a very, very new and bright and fiery and big feeling is swelling!



Everything that happens has meaning,
and most of all there is a feeling of gratitude.



On the other day, I was able to meet Sugai-san for a short while, and the moment I saw her face and chat with her, I felt so relieved. I realized again how much I missed Sugai-san in the time when I can’t meet her. 😌
To ease Sugai-san, who is always thinking about the group, we all will do our best in her stead as well.



The artist picture was released just now, and I was really deeply moved by the beautiful and delicate work
Various information will be gradually released from now, so please look forward to it ☺︎



We will show a new Sakurazaka in our fourth single!
We look forward to your support for this single as well 🌸







And then
the second round of meguri will be open from 2PM~ JST ✨
Let’s chat ☺️





I’ll be waiting~ 🌼






Well then!
See ya~~ (o^^o)

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