Rainbow (2022.04.01)

Good evening 🌘


During TBS’s “CDTV Live! Live!”


We had the opportunity to perform
the 4th single’s “Samidare yo” for the first time.


Thank you 🌸


Rainbow (2022.04.01)




Ten-chan! Admirable! ☺️








In the recording studio, I celebrated
my final episode of TBS’s “Love it!”
where I had the privilege to appear


every Wednesday morning as a season regular.


For all of those who watched it,
I am very grateful 🐰





For about 3 months since the beginning of this year,
those were really fun Wednesday’s mornings.



From the very first day, the “Love It!” family
welcomed me in a very warm way,
so I was really happy and I felt reassured.




Even on the last day,
more than feeling lonesome, the fun surpassed it after all
Once again, I could feel that I really love “Love it!”.



I was very happy for being able to become part
of the “Love it!” Wednesday family. 😌



Thank you so much!






From now on,
I will continue loving “Love it!”
and everyone in its family forever 🐰♡





Love it!







For Sakuraza46’s Fan Club’s radio
“Sakumimi # 135”


I recorded together with
Karin-chan, Hii-chan and Ten-chan (˙༥˙)



For the first time, we do a 4-people recording…



Please listen to it by all means.







On Saturday April 2nd, from midnight (0:00)
I will have the opportunity to appear for the first time in


TV Asahi’s “Shitteiru Tokoro wa Hayaokuri (Fast forwarding to a known place)”


I had fun~



Kawashima-san was there too,
so I felt relieved 😌


I was happy that we were able to meet in this way.



Please watch it by all means!





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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