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I’m Sakurazaka46’s
Moriya Rena🍒






In B.L.T.’s May issue that’s being released right now

The four of us, Hono-chan, Karin-chan, Hikaru-chan and myself have been given the opportunity to be featured on the front cover✨





I’m very happy☺︎
Thank you very much.



It’s the first time the four of us have done a shoot together
We also got to shoot in a second-hand clothes storeー
Everyone was in high spirits and it was a fun scene☺︎


I was happy to wear impactful outfits with vivid colours
In the interview, I was given the opportunity to talk about my feelings towards the group and various other things.










If you purchase it from Lawson Entertainment
It seems you will also receive a double-sided poster as a special gift🎁



Please check the details here..

I’d be very happy if you got one☺︎









On CDTV Live! Live!

We were given the opportunity to perform the full song for “Samidare yo” for the first time on TV✨

Thank you very much for watching us.

It was a great honor to be able to perform on such an extravagant and wonderful stage under the cherry blossom trees🌸









Yesterday, I was invited to appear on Love It!’s Thursday slot🐰🍒




It was the first time I was invited to make an appearance on Thursday’s slot.


I was very happy to be able to meet everyone.




And when they replayed VTRs of everything until now, a lot of scenes popped up and somehow I felt really nostalgic.




And I was able to appear on the one year anniversary special episode
I felt so blissful!!
I was very happy.




Congratulations on Love It!’s one year anniversary🎉




For calling me back like this even after I graduated from the show, and giving me a warm welcome
Thank you very much!





And on “Hamidashi Love it!”
When the comedy duos “Mitorizu” and “New York” made their appearance, they were holding our 4th single “Samidare yo” that’s being released on 6th April..!! Amazingly, they announced it for us!✨


Thank you very much.


I was very happy☺️





Please be sure to watch it here ♡












Ah! And a bonusー
Today, 1st April


It’s Moco-chan’s 5th birthday🎂🐶💗


Please stay lively and healthy forever and ever〜








See ya〜



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