Recently, I can’t decide on titles. Ah, what I want the most now are days I can read all day and Disney tickets.🎈(2021.03.25)


Good evening



A few days ago, the『Guuzen no kotae』MV was released!


It’s a narrative style MV,
And something wonderful where you can see another new side.

Both you who already saw it and you who still didn’t see it,
Please watch it~!


The single CD covers were also published so please have a look!🌟







Since I took a lot of pictures…
(The ones I can’t put here I’ll send in the message app💌)


*In the original blog she put the above picture 2 times




The MV shooting day and the single CD cover shooting day were super cold…!
Because of that, my body soaked in the heater and hot chocolate😌

It’s the best!🤍




See you~





Harada Aoi blog 2021/03/25 22:45

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