Sakurazaka46 is recruiting new members 🌸 (2022.06.23)


Recruitment of new members!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation
from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina.




As you know, Sakuraza46 is currently recruiting new members!



I am sure there must be those who have already applied, those who are still wavering, and those who don’t even know that this audition is happening!



To those who have already applied,
thank you very much for gathering the courage to make the application!


To those who are still wavering,
it is difficult to decide, isn’t it… ! It might require courage or determination, but I think that if you have even the slightest interest in applying, you should take that step forward so that you won’t have any regret…!


I’m sure that there are those who don’t know about this audition, if I had to say, I was more of this type of person!

I didn’t know about Sakamichi’s audition until my older sister asked me to apply!
So there are people whose life changed with words said by someone, just like me!



Whether or not you like idols or like Sakurazaka46, of course, we are still waiting for your applications!

When I applied for the audition, I didn’t know about Keyakizaka46 well, but now I love Sakurazaka46!
I am sincerely glad to have met this group!




As there is still time, I hope that you can think it through, debate over it, then make your decision! I don’t think that there is any wrong answer for it!

Be resolute, and make a choice that you won’t regret!





If you perhaps want to work together with us as a part of Sakurazaka46, then let’s work hard together toward our many goals!




The application period is,

From 6th June~

until ⚠️ 4th July 17:00 JST⚠️!


There’s still time, but I think it’s better to apply in advance! 🐶







We are waiting for you 🌸

Official website ↓






And here is the URL for Sakurazaka46’s official website!



Well then!




Thank you very much for reading this blog.


See ya 🌺🌴






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