Senior High School Graduation💮 (2021.03.07)





Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino🌸








To everyone who is in 3rd year of senior high school, Happy graduation!!



I also got a message from my friend, “We’ve graduated〜” which made me happy😌♡



Memory is something that can be beautiful. Like, even though I decided to do things on my own but I’m grateful because that day when I spent my high school life in my hometown, was really fun and everything about it looks glittering



Even until now, when we remembered memory during high school, sometimes we wonder if we could back to that time, right? Even though it’s an impossible thing



I was a fickle person at that time, a person who couldn’t keep up on anything, wanted to keep going. By doing some club activities, I found my youthful life〜



From now on I’m going to keep all that memories in my heart to be something important that I won’t forget🥰





I will stop my story here


‘graduation2021高校卒業’ that sold on March 3th has been published











I was wearing a sailor uniform during the photoshoot〜


Looks like I’ve been fated to wear a sailor uniform
I like this uniform because I can put on it in a short time



Please check it🌿









A photo that I forgot to share.🐈‍⬛🎖




Thank you for reading until the end




Bye bye〜( ˙˘˙ )




Kousaka Marino



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