Shinzanmono (2023.12.24)

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation


3rd-year high schooler from Nagano, Kojima Nagisa ☺︎











Truly thank you very much


for all ten performances from November to December










To everyone who came to Milano-Za venue,


and to everyone who watched the stream,


how was it?










My personal feelings


My feelings as a 3rd generation member


My feelings as a member of Sakurazaka46


It’s been a live show filled with all of that feeling








When it ended,


I feel sad that it went by so fast,


but right now we are rehearsing everyone toward the 7th BACKS LIVE!! that will be held on January next month








I hope to feel the same feeling of happiness of performing a live show like this, and that you could see how much improved I’ve become since Shinzanmono.


Please look forward to what kind of show it will be, and what kind of songs we will be performing!!










From here on, I’d like to post some memorable pictures from Shinzanmono








I took a lot of pictures, so please give them a look








Riko-chan 👶🏻


Nagaredama was so cool…!




She kept practicing even when in the dressing room, she’s truly a hard worker




Seeing Riko working hard,


have inspired me so many times




I also like Riko’s bangless look
















With Airi~!!


I likeAiri’s singing in Guuzen no Kotae,

it reminded me of Mugen no Uchuu from Omotenashikai






When I hear Airi’s voice from the in-ear monitor, I feel like the hearts of 3rd generation has been united into one




I will always love her voice

















Itomame has paid attention to her surrounding


and worked hard since the rehearsal of Shinzanmono




Even though she’s the youngest, she’s dependable and I always relied on her




I wish sometimes she let me pamper her once in a while~ ☺︎


so I thought, but I love Itoha


who works hard in everything she does













Next is Group A~


It appeared that we had the training camp just one year ago


I can’t tell you how many times I was glad to be grouped with Reina and Mio…!




Even now we laugh together whenever we look at pictures from back then


I was happy to have been able to spend precious time together with them











It puts me at ease whenever Miu calls me with “Nyagi~”


(If I tell her this, I feel like she will stop calling me so, so I’m not telling her)




I can’t tell how many times she has put me at ease during Shinzanmono


She is one of the people who supported me throughout this period




I like both the cool Miu and the cute Miu-chan












Airi is behind us… lol


she kept starting




It’s not just MiuAiri


Sometimes it’s MiuNyagi too!!













Next is a hairstyle that I like~✨


(I imitated Ten-san’s)


I was happy with how 3rd gen members praised me for it












With Shinzanmono’s T-shirt 🌸


We went through all ten performances together


It is full of sweat and tears










In Sakurazaka Channel on YouTube,


you can find close-up video on Shinzanmono




Please do give it a look 🙇🏻‍♀️






I’d be happy


if you could continue to support 3rd generation from now on ☺︎


















After the end of Shinzanmono,


I cut my hair a little~




I showed it on mobame and miiguri,


thank you for giving many compliments about it ☺︎






Maybe I’ll put a picture of it tomorrow… 💭


Well then, see you again tomorrow~

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